Zack Beltran

Zack is a man among men who appreciates fine hotels, fine dining, fine pastries, and spent more money at the Ross Starbucks as an MBA1 than he did on tuition. He has two aspirations in life: (1) to become a trophy husband and (2) to become the 7th member of the Kardashian clan. Both are unlikely, so he’s settling for a summer in consulting. This Bucknell graduate likes to tell people that he’s from Pennsylvania, but his spot-on impression of a Long Island mom suggests otherwise. When he’s not napping, he’s all about the details, so don’t worry, you’re in good hands – until he makes you play slap-the-bag with boxed Fireball.

Nickname: Zack Attack

First Concert: Britney Spears (…Baby One More Time tour)

Drink of Choice: Starbucks grande skim latte, no room, no foam, in a double cup