Zack Gilroy

A survivor of a three-sister childhood, Zack single-handedly invented the Red Bull Snorkel (look it up). After indulging in many a RBV leading to a brief scare last year in Ibiza, he has finally built up an unworldly caffeine tolerance. An avid follower of the stock market and frequent resident of the Ross “fishbowl,” Zack has a reputation as a near-psychic stock picker and is looking forward to sharing his stock picks with all the trekkers. This summer you’ll find Zack riding a bull down Wall Street, but he’s contemplating a move to Omaha after Ross in a bid to become the next Oracle. A typical Thursday night consists of challenging undergrads to snorkel-offs, followed by hula dancing on stage at Skeeps. You might also find Zack and Mike reliving their glory days at Yost as part of the Ross Club Hockey Team, preparing to take on Gunner Stahl and the rest of Team Iceland this summer.