MTrek Trips 2020

Trek Name Region Countries Partners
Nightlife Activity
Glampin’ in the Geti Sub-Saharan Africa Tanzania (Zanzibar) No 5 8
Thicctoria Fallz Sub-Saharan Africa Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia No 5 10
The FULL MONTE-negro: Ballin’ in the Balkans Eastern Europe Albania, Montenegro No 8 3
Bel-Grades Don’t Matter! Eastern Europe Serbia, Montenegro No 7 6
GalapaGO BLUE! South America Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands Yes 6 8
Kenya Believe We’re Going to Africa?! Sub-Saharan Africa Kenya No 8 6
Not Your Mummy’s Trip… Middle East and North Africa Jordan, Egypt Yes 4 7
NorWAY Can You A’fjord to Miss This! Western Europe Norway Yes 6 9
Alpaca Your Bags to Flamingle and Chile South America Chile Yes 5 8
Sail to the Victors! Eastern Europe Turkey, Croatia No 8 5
Rick’s Marrakech Cafe Europe, Africa Morroco, Spain No 8 5
Turn Down For (Angkor) WAT Southeast Asia Cambodia No 7 7
Tropic Like It’s Hot Central America Costa Rica Yes 6 7
All I Want for Christmas is Peruuuu South America Peru No 8 6
Rock Out With Your Bangkok Out Southeast Asia Thailand No 7 7
Pyramids Schemes and Petra-fying Dreams Middle East and North Africa Jordan, Egypt No 5 7
Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Eastern Europe Hungary, Czech Republic No 9 4
#PortuGoals: Moroccan ‘n Rollin Europe, Africa Portugal, Morocco No 7 5
Dude, Where’s My Hvar? Eastern Europe Croatia No 8 5
Hey Look (Pana)Ma, I Made It! Central America Panama, Guatemala No 7 7
AfriKaan’t Feel My Face Africa South Africa No 7 7
A Brazillion Ways to Keep it Rio! South America Brazil No 7 7
Pretty Fly for Uruguay South America Argentina, Uruguay No 6 7
One Tikal-a, Two Tikal-a, Three Tikal-a Floor Central America Mexico, Belize, Guatemala No 7 7
The Only Browser We Use? Safari. Sub-Saharan Africa South Africa No 7 7
Go Blue! Go Baltics! Eastern Europe Latvia, Estonia, Finland Yes 7 6
Mystery Trek: The Magic Eight Ball MYSTERY MYSTERY No 8 7
We Like Our Turkey Greece-y Europe Greece, Turkey No 8 5
Each trip is rated by its leaders on a 1-10 scale for nightlife and physical activity as follows:
  • 1: Dry Trip, no activities around drinking
  • 5: Moderate drinking activities (i.e. a few nights out, or a few glasses of wine most days)
  • 10: Tons of drinking activities (i.e. booze cruise, wine tour, brewery tours, etc.)
  • 1: Focus on leisure activities (beaches, arts, etc.)
  • 5: A few moderately physical activities (e.g. hiking for 2-3 days)
  • 10: Daily biking, hiking, rafting, rock climbing, etc.