Andrew “giraffe” Haeger

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Undergrad: Bowdoin College (Go U Bears!)
Pre-MBA life: Finance, Startups, CPG Operations
Post-MBA plans: Climate Tech Venture Capital

Why should you join my trek?
“Memories that last a lifetime” is a cute cliché, but that’s what this trip is in a nutshell. Joining us will mean reimagining the ceiling of how great traveling can be. You’ll soon find out that business school features the highest concentration of type-A planners that you’ve ever experienced. We, your humble leaders, contribute to this statistic; we LOVE organizing activities and trips that bind this community and make business school the time of our lives. Over the course of one week in August, you’re going to validate every life decision you’ve ever made that led to your attending Ross. Buckle up.

About Me: Nourished on the fine water of the Pacific Northwest, I’ve grown (almost) as tall as the evergreen trees that give my birthplace its nickname. Though I’ve long since moved away to explore the world (43 states and counting!), my roots in the PNW still run deep. I love spending time exploring new cities, restaurants, and mountain ranges, whether fly-fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, or hanging out with MBA1s. I love to cook and throw dinner parties, so get ready for the friendships we make to last way longer than August. At Ross, I’m a co-president of the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital club and Ross Outdoor Club, on the board for MTrek and the Ski & Snowboard club, part of MCV (the student-run climate venture fund), involved in a variety of initiatives through ZLI and Sanger, and enjoy attending most of my classes. I’m terrible at making tradeoffs, so I usually just try to do everything (kind of like how we’re hitting **all** the highlights of South Africa).