Our Team

If you have any questions, please reach out at: mtrekboard@umich.edu


President – Ryan Sharpstene                                          VP of Finance – Katie Schlafhauser


VP of Marketing – Victoria Heuschneider                  VP of Marketing – Emily Smid


VP of Operations – Abhimanyu Vashistha                VP of Operations – Tom Kraeutler


VP of OperationsKeisha Murray                                VP of Operations – Elliot Angart


VP of OperationsRobin Doroff                                   VP of Operations – Liana Pickrell   


VP of OperationsJosh Fleishman                              VP of OperationsMaria Lunik     


VP of TechnologyAnish Aggarwal                               VP of DEI – Nia McCarthy


International Liaison – Grace Kenney                         International Liaison – Rishti Gambhir