Camp MTrek Info Session Recording 5/12/2021

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What is MTrek?

MTrek is an opportunity for incoming MBAs to connect with their fellow classmates as well as MBA2 leaders in an exciting destination before the school year officially starts. This year, given the global pandemic, MTrek will be held domestically, in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

When is MTrek?

MTrek will take place from August 26th-29th 2021.

What is different about this year’s MTrek?

This year’s MTrek will be at one domestic destination. We are calling it “Camp MTrek.” In past years MTrek involved many groups travelling to various destinations, however to follow best health guidelines and provide an inclusive opportunity, this year MTrek will be at one location for a shorter duration.

What is Camp MTrek?

Spend an all-inclusive weekend at one of America’s best summer camps and enjoy a variety of premium camp activities and socials! You’ll have the opportunity to go tubing, learn archery, take on our adventure course, do yoga by the lake, play sports on our courts, and games on our fields. This adult summer camp is everything you’ve ever pictured a summer camp to be. Over 400+ acres of private land, an epic lake and all the camp activities you could ever need! It has a heated pool, a 100 foot water slide, lake inflatables, an adventure course and more. There are drinks served through-out meal times, multiple happy hours, themed parties, and an open bar each night!

For more information, feel free to check out https://www.campnocounselors.com/

What will be included in Camp MTrek?

All Meals
All Drinks: Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic
Shared Accommodations
On premise-activities

What is not included?
Trip Insurance

How much is Camp MTrek?

Camp MTrek is $949 a person. You have the option to add round trip transportation from a NYC airport to the camp for an additional $50. Starting May 15th, a $25 dollar late fee will be added to registrations. All registration will be closed and subject to a waitlist starting July 15th.

Should I buy trip insurance?

We recommend you buy trip insurance!
We have partnered with AIG Travel Guard to offer their Student Protection Plan, which offers discounted rates to their normal policies.

If interested, you can learn more about the coverage below:

Please see a few additional notes about the plan and registration process.
For the majority of states (Michigan included), the standard plan is 3.7% of your total trip costs and an additional 1.29% if you would like to add Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage. Thus, a policy with CFAR included would be 4.99% of the total trip costs, which should be approximately $45-50.

To register for a policy, start by clicking the link below and selecting your state of residence.
Then click on the purple “Get Quote” button.
Use the following information in the required fields:
Departure Date: 8/26/2021
Return Date: 8/29/2021
Trip Deposit Date: Date in which you registered for Camp Mtrek and made your deposit payment
Final Payment Date: 06/21/2021

For Trip Cost you have 2 options…
1) Recommended: You can insure the full estimated trip cost of $899 during your registration. You will pay a premium (~$45-50) based on the full trip costs now, but this should save you time in the future.
2) Alternatively, you have the option to only insure the deposit amount of $400 (or $500 depending on when you signed up) which would be a premium of about ~$20. However, after making your final payment, you will have to call Travel Guard and update your policy with the total trip amount and pay the extra premium. If this process is skipped, any claim made after the full trip payment date would likely be denied.

If you are traveling with a partner, you have the option to add additional travelers onto the same policy, but you also must include their trip expenses.

At the very bottom, there is an option to include CFAR coverage (an additional 1.29%). Please see a few important details regarding CFAR below:
CFAR must be purchased within a 15 day window of when you made your first deposit. After this window, you would no longer be eligible for CFAR and would only be able to purchase the student protection insurance plan. If you elect to do Option 2 above, you will only have a 15 day window to update your policy after making any additional payments toward the trip.

To be eligible for CFAR, you must insure all pre-paid, non-refundable expenses of your whole trip, which is defined by your departure and return dates. Thus, if you plan on traveling early, or extending travel afterwards, you will need to include any pre-paid, non-refundable expenses of that travel as well.

After completing the information, click on the blue “Calculate Quote” button to see your quote. Then, click on the purple “Continue” button to fill out personal details and make your payment.
Further questions? Email mtrek@bschooltravel.org!

Is there transportation available to an from Ann Arbor to DTW?

At this time, there is no organized transportation from Ann Arbor to DTW, however we suggest coordinating rideshares (Uber, Lyft) which run about ~40-60 bucks. Join our slack channel in the admitted students Slack, #campmtrek to find others to share rides with!

How do I sign up for the optional round trip NYC airport to camp transportation?

Please visit https://www.wetravel.com/trips/camp-mtrek-transportation-bschool-travel-equinunk-79655754 for more information and contact mtrek@bschooltravel.com to reserve your spot and make your payment.

When do classes begin?
Classes begin on Aug. 30th. You are expected to attend classes and will not be excused from the first day if you choose to attend MTrek.

When is orientation?
Orientation will be from Aug 16-Aug 20th. We advise that the time between the end of orientation and the start of MTrek is used to settle into your home in Ann Arbor!

Can partners attend Camp MTrek?
YES!!! We highly encourage you to sign up with your partners to give them the opportunity to celebrate you and your journey in the Ross community! We do have a limited number of private accommodations for those signing up with partners and we will be working closely with those that sign up accordingly, to finalize the details there.

Can I attend only part of MTrek?
While we hope you are there for the entire duration, if you choose to attend only a subset of days, you can, however the price cannot be changed. Free parking is available on premise that you can take advantage of!

Can I drive to Camp MTrek?
Yes! If you choose to drive, when the final payment is due we will have an option that does not include group transportation from an NYC airport so you can drive yourself. There is free parking on premise.

FAQ for international students:
1.What if I can’t attend because of travel restrictions? Can I get a refund?
If you can’t attend because of travel restrictions (i.e. your country is banned from entry into the US) you will be fully refunded. Please note that if some classmates from your country are able to make it to the US and you are delayed for reasons other than travel restrictions (i.e. visa issues), you will NOT receive a refund.

2.Do I need to get a covid test to go on the trip?
If you are NOT fully vaccinated by an FDA approved vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson) you will need to have proof of a negative covid test within 72 hours of arriving at the camp. Testing on-campus is easily accessible and free to students.

3.When is the last day I can register?
We have extended registration until June 21st. If you are hesitant to sign up because of uncertainty surrounding ability to travel, don’t be! If you can’t attend because of travel restrictions (i.e. your country is banned from entry into the US) you will be fully refunded. Please note the caveat above.

4.What if I’m unable to pay by the registration deadline?
Please reach out to mtrek@bschooltravel.com to have your circumstances addressed.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to MTrekBoard@umich.edu. Go Blue!