MTREK 2024 Incoming MBA1 Info Session Recording (5/24/2023)

What is MTrek?

MTrek is an opportunity for incoming MBA1s to connect with their fellow classmates as well as MBA2 leaders in an exciting destination before the school year officially starts. This year, we’re reviving the MTrek tradition of pre-pandemic years by sending teams of incoming MBA1s and MBA2s around the country and world.

Led by 4 MBA2s, groups of 10-25 MBA1s will hit the road together for a roughly week-long adventure trek. 2024 Trek locations range from Amsterdam and Belize to Greece and Iceland. Each trek will have both pre-planned activities and free time for the group to bond, have fun, and make memories before the start of classes.

When is MTrek?

MTrek 2024 will take place from August 16th-24th 2024 (tentatively).

When do classes begin?
Classes begin on Aug. 28th. You are expected to attend classes and will not be excused from the first day if you choose to attend MTrek.

When is orientation?
MBAPO will run orientation will be from Aug 14-18th.

How do I sign-up?

For incoming MBA1s there will be a sign-up period in May 2024 (for R1/R2 admits) and June 2024 (for R3 admits) where you’ll be given the opportunity to rank your top trek locations. From there, once your deposit is paid, you’ll be assigned a trek based on your preferences. Note that we will not place anyone on a trek that they did not rank.

There will be a similar sign-up process as mentioned above for the Class of 2026 based on availability in late April 2024.

Who pays for/how much is MTrek?

Each traveller is expected to pay for all individual costs associated with their trek (i.e. – the quoted package cost price, airfare, trip insurance, as well as incidental purchases).

Wait… so who plans these treks? 

TourHero is our travel agency planning trek itineraries and logistics. TourHero sets the quoted package cost for each trek, but your MBA2 trek leaders will have a say in trek itinerary creation.

What is/is not included in the package cost price of each trek?

The quoted package cost of each trek will include all activities mentioned in the formal itinerary, transportation to/from said activities, a few meals, hotel accommodations throughout, a local tour coordinator/guide and a 24/7 operations/emergency contact team.

Flights to the destination, international airport departure tax, any visas required, services not mentioned in the itinerary, late check out at hotels, meals and drinks not mentioned in the itinerary, tips for guides and drivers, expenditures of personal nature, personal insurance, optional activities, arrival and departure transfers, etc. are not included in the package cost of each trek.

How does the payment process work?

All payments are made directly to TourHero.

Each traveller will be expected to pay a non-refundable $500 deposit. Deposits deadlines will be communicated based on class year and admission decision dates. While deposits are non-refundable they are transferable between treks – if any changes/shuffling needs to happen.

The full package cost of each trek will be due by mid-summer 2024.

What happens if I miss a payment deadline?

Each situation will be assessed individually. Reach out to the MTrek Board at: MTrekBoard@umich.edu

Are partners welcome?

Yes! Partners are welcome on all treks.

Should I purchase trip insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is strongly encouraged as unforeseen circumstances happen all the time. Our travel agency recommends purchasing the student protection plan insurance through AIG using the link here. That said, people can purchase any insurance plan they feel comfortable with.

How can I check visa requirements/ eligibility of destinations?

  • Please check whether you need a visa to enter the country and whether the destination has any specific restrictions before applying. Although we believe most of the countries are now post-pandemic and open to a wide range of nationalities, we would like to ensure it is the case for you just in case.
  • Because the requirements differ from country to country in terms of both destination and your citizenship, and also could change suddenly, the best way to obtain the information is to check the government website of each destination country and/or your citizenship country’s government website, as they often maintain foreign visa information to support travelers.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact international student liaisons Ashank Dubey (ashankd@umich.edu) and Akira Nishimura (akiran@umich.edu).

I think I may need help securing a visa to a set destination?

Not a problem. Our travel agency partners with CIBT who specializes in visa processing. Note that said service is offered for an additional fee.

What is Mystery Trek?

Mystery Trek is a long, long, long , longstandingRoss/MTrek tradition. Each year a self-selecting group of MBA1s heads out to an unknown destination with their MBA2 trek leaders (don’t worry, they know where… maybe…). In years past, airfare was bundled into the package cost of the trek to keep the location a true mystery. MBA2 trek leaders will provide a packing list and maybe a few hints along the way. Note that for 2022, the Mystery Trek will not require any additional visa requirements – so both domestic and international students are encouraged and welcome to include in their rankings.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to MTrekBoard@umich.edu