MTrek Trips 2019

Trek Name Region Countries Partners
Nightlife Activity
Rome-ing Hvar from Ross Western Europe Italy, Croatia No 8 5
No Spain No Gain Western Europe Spain No 8 5
RED, WHITE, AND GO BLUE! United States USA! USA! USA! (California and Nevada) No 4 6
Alp me Baby! The Livin’s too Eze-y Western Europe Switzerland & France Yes 5 7
Don’t Stop Bali-vin’ Southeast Asia Singapore, Bali (Indonesia) Yes 6 5
Like a BOSS-phorus: Boats, Bazaars, and Black Sea Ballin Eastern Europe Turkey, Bulgaria No 8 6
Mystery 007.0: License to Thrill MYSTERY MYSTERY No 9 6
One Trip to Rule Them All: Fjords and Frodo Australia New Zealand No 5 6
You Better Belize It! Central America Mexico, Belize No 7 8
I’ve got 99 Prague-lems, but being Hungary ain’t one Eastern Europe Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary No 8 6
You Feta Work, Beach – We’re Cruising the Aegean Western Europe Greece Yes 6 6
Augtoberfest…Goes Blue? Europe Germany, the Czech Republic &Austria No 6 5
Banff that a$$ up, eh? Canada Canada No 7 8
*Get M to the Greek* Western Europe Greece No 7 6
A bunch of Rossers walk into a BARcelona Western Europe Spain No 8 5
Costa Rick’s-a Central America Costa Rica No 6 7
Let’s Pho-king Go. Southeast Asia Vietnam No 7 7
Here Pho a Good Time not a Dong Time Southeast Asia Malaysia and Vietnam No 8 7
Thai and stop us from VietNOMing Southeast Asia Thailand + Vietnam Yes 5 7
Ciao Time: Eataly & Drinkaly Western Europe Italy Yes 5 5
CusGO BLUE: A Wolverine’s New Groove South America Peru No 6 9
Singapore Sling and Bali Bling Southeast Asia Singapore, Bali No 7 7
Raucous in the Caucasus Eastern Europe Georgia, Armenia No 7 8
PHLOATING WITH THE PHARAOHS Middle East and North Africa Jordan, Egypt No 4 8
Sail to the Victors! Europe Greece, Cyprus No 8 5
Chilling in Scandinavia Blue Europe Denmark, Sweden, Norway No 5 5
FYRE FEST 2.0: Central America Edition Central America Panama, Guatemala No 7 7
ViNO Worries Western Europe Portugal and Spain No 8 5
#PortuGoals: Moroccan the night away Western Europe Portugal, Morroco No 8 7
We Drink and We Know Things South America Chile, Argentina No 7 9
Getting Greasy in Tbilisi Eastern Europe Georgia, Azerbajan No 8 7
Each trip is rated by its leaders on a 1-10 scale for nightlife and physical activity as follows:
  • 1: Dry Trip, no activities around drinking
  • 5: Moderate drinking activities (i.e. a few nights out, or a few glasses of wine most days)
  • 10: Tons of drinking activities (i.e. booze cruise, wine tour, brewery tours, etc.)
  • 1: Focus on leisure activities (beaches, arts, etc.)
  • 5: A few moderately physical activities (e.g. hiking for 2-3 days)
  • 10: Daily biking, hiking, rafting, rock climbing, etc.