PERUsing For Your Next Trip? Alpaca Your Bags

Trip Region: South America
Country(ies): Peru #1
Partners Trek? Yes
Cost: $1815
Airfare Estimate: $900
Structure:   •   Lodging:   •   Nightlife: 3   •   Activity: 4

Trek Description:

Embark on an eight-day adventure through the breathtaking landscapes and ancient wonders of Peru, where every moment is a vibrant tapestry of excitement and discovery. From the bustling streets of Lima to the mystical allure of Machu Picchu, this journey promises to ignite your senses and awaken your spirit. Indulge in the rich flavors of Peruvian cuisine, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Cusco, and marvel at the awe-inspiring beauty of Rainbow Mountain and Laguna Humantay. Traverse rugged trails, uncover hidden treasures, and forge lifelong friendships as you explore this enchanting land with fellow adventurers by your side. With each day revealing new wonders and unforgettable experiences, Peru beckons with open arms, ready to captivate your heart and leave you spellbound. Sign up now!

Day 1 — Thursday, Aug 17

Cara Silverman

Hometown: Deerfield, IL
Undergrad: Washington University in St. Louis
Pre-MBA life: Marketing/Advertising
Post-MBA plans: Brand Management for Food/Bev

Why should you join my trek?
Kick off the next 2 years with the most unforgettable trip to Peru. I couldn’t be more excited be with you all and lead this trek with 3 of my best friends at Ross – not to mention celebrate my birthday in the rainbow mountains! MTrek is the perfect place to meet new people, try new things, and have thrilling adventures before school starts. This has been a dream destination of mine for a long time, but the 4 of us have carefully curated the most fun and adventurous 8 days. So get ready for breath taking hikes, world-renown food, and my favorite – alpacas!

Rohit Agarwal

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Undergrad: University of Michigan
Pre-MBA life: Sales and Operations
Post-MBA plans: Product Management

Why should you join my trek?
Come join me and 3 of my best friends on an unforgettable trip around Peru! We’ve got the vibes, the food, and the adventure on lock and, I promise, there’s no better way for you to start your Ross experience. Excited to meet you all soon!

Abhy Kheepal

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Undergrad: University of Georgia
Pre-MBA life: Deloitte Consulting
Post-MBA plans: Deloitte Consulting (I know…what a pivot)

Why should you join my trek?
Imagine This: A world wonder, great food, party vibes, and new best friends…seems too good to be true, right? INCORRECT, because we have all this, and more, in Peru.

Join some of the best people I have met during my MBA experience and have an unforgettable adventure as we hike, dance, and vibe around Lima and Cusco. Cara’s got the food, Ro’s got the clubs, Aaliya’s got the fashion, and I’ve got aux…can’t imagine a better combination.

Aaliya Warsi

Hometown: Delhi, India
Undergrad: University of Warwick, UK
Pre-MBA life: Analytics/Sales Enablement
Post-MBA plans: Consulting

Why should you join my trek?
Adjust your altitude and attitude because you can finally tick Machu Picchu off your bucket list!!!! Sights, bites, alpacas, and most importantly, PISCO SOURS. You don’t want to miss this. See you there <3