Ben Craig

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Undergrad: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pre-MBA life: Consulting
Post-MBA plans: Venture Capital

Why should you join my trek? Why’d you pick Ross? For the people? The culture?

This team has more culture than I have brain cells – we were once trapped in an elevator and hung out for an hour and a half before ringing the help button, two days after meeting each other.

We bike, we hike, we make card games a wildly sporadic and unprecedented experience. I learned how to shotgun a beer by opening it with my teeth like 4 weeks ago and I can teach you how. Our final game of the Section 3 Olympics was a blindfolded nerf war with the Jason Bourne soundtrack on in the background. It doesn’t really matter where we’re going – this trip could be to my childhood elementary school and we’d play a game involving piggy pick rides and yardsticks that ends in one knight being crowned the jousting champion as we all finish cafeteria yogurts and applaud.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, actually you probably won’t cry, but this will be the trip you use as an icebreaker for the rest of your life when an uncreative meeting host asks about “”your favorite travel experience…”” You might meet your spouse. You’ll certainly make friends. I will personally buy you a drink as we hone our horrible British accents together.

I took photography 101 in high school – your instas will be fire. Your friends will be jealous. Come to England.