Dani Moragne

Hometown: The Bay Area
Undergrad: Dartmouth College
Pre-MBA life: Product Marketer at a Startup
Post-MBA plans: PM in EdTech Industry

Why should you join my trek?
(see jenny’s)

A little about me: My name’s Dani. I’m a dual degree MBA/M.Education. I’m super excited to meet MBA1’s and not just because I need more friends who will be in Ann Arbor after 2024! I’m a recovering geologist with an addiction to ice cream—still trying to find that on a tshirt. I’m a big outdoors person who loves anything to do with art. Inquire within about my quarter paintings. On campus you’ll find me leading outdoor trips as the co-president of the outdoors club, dancing on top of the Ross Bus, or planning events for Section 3. At least I have tshirts for *some* of those. Excited to eat, hike, and quote Emperor’s New Groove all Mtrek with you.