Jane Radecki

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI Babyyyyyyyyyy

Undergrad: Colorado College

Pre-MBA life: Non-Profit in higher education doing strategy work in NYC

Post-MBA plans: Corporate strategy and general management

Why should you join my trek?
I take bomb photos and candids, so if you want fun insta pics to make everyone jealous that you’re now in B-school traveling all over the world instead of studying, I am your gal and we are your trip. When recruiting hits you’ll be day dreaming about the adventures and beach days that we are going to have in the Galapagos…plus when else are you gonna go to the Galapagos, like come on seriously!

Our group of leaders are so pumped about this trip….you should see our group text, we know how to have a good time just wait till you see the trek leader pics that were deemed not ok for this bio. Trust me, we are the crew that is gonna order you Mcdonalds even if it’s 3 am and we can’t figure out how to work uber eats in the Galapagos. Oh, and we will also give you Pepto Bismol and Liquid IV the next morning.

P.S. Reuben is not an average cook, he sucks. Who puts a slice of kraft singles cheese in ramen?!?! Andrew’s cooking is actually to die for, no joke. And Stephanie and I, well we can make a mean cocktail, watch out!