Jaya Gautam

Hometown: Reading, England
Undergrad: University College London
Pre-MBA life: Professional Drinker (Wine Manager at Asahi)
Post-MBA plans: Consulting (more like Whine Manager, amirite?)

Why should you join my trek? First things first, my best persuasive capabilities come through in person when I’m sweet-talking you into coming to Skeeps on Thursdays, but let me try my best in a written format.

This trip has everything. Wanna hike a volcano? Done. Wanna eat your way through one of the most beautiful cities in Central America? It’s on. Wanna get cultured and explore some Mayan Ruins? We got you. Wanna shoot tequila till you get ruined? Still got you. All this, bonding with your fellow classmates and you get to be led by some of the finest MBA2s this program has to offer? Listen, your MBA is gonna be filled with difficult decisions (Circ or Babs, Rick’s or Necto etc.) – I assure you, signing up for this MTrek isn’t one of them.