Jon Willmot

Hometown: Malvern, PA
Undergrad: University of Richmond
Pre-MBA life: Management Consultant at DayBlink (yes, Grant and I are as basic as they come)
Post-MBA plans: Brand Marketing at PepisCo Chicago

Why should you join my trek?
For those who haven’t experienced Italy or the Meditteranean, get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Highlights will include, but are not limited to:

1) Experiencing the best cuisine of any M Trek hands down, and we’re not just talking pasta (although trust me, there will be endless amounts of pasta) – get ready for mouthwatering pizza, burrata, gelato and tiramisu that will have you wondering why you applied to Ross instead of Bocconi

2) Absorbing enough Vitamin D on the white beaches and blue waters of the Meditteranean to not only have you looking tan as hell for your first day of class, but to also get you through Ann Arbor’s 5 month winter without having to spend $60 on a Happy Light

3) Channeling your inner Game of Thones when we visit Mdina (a.k.a. King’s Landing) – currently working out details with TourHero to let us chant “SHAME SHAME SHAME!” while hurling local produce at Grant and Mitch. Details to come.

4) Bonding with 4 incredible trek leaders and 20+ of your future classmates over many bottles glasses of wine in one of the most beautiful parts of the world!