Macey Guthery

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Undergrad: University of Kansas
Pre-MBA life: Chemical Engineer
Post-MBA plans: Strategy Consulting (shocker!)

Why should you join my trek?
Okay, I’ll be honest with yall. Before planning this trip, did I know how to spell Reykjavik? Absolutely not. BUT I knew that Iceland is the most beautiful country in the world and our trip will be so much fun! If you want to see the beauties nature can offer while being with who Stephen Ross (probably) deems “the coolest girls ever,” then this is the trip for you! (This passage was ghost written by a Follies friend. Why? Becuase I am terribly over-involved and wrapped up in being The Bus president and running Dis-O for our outgoing MBA2’s. What does this mean for you??? I am increadibly plugged in, social, and can’t wait to get to know you! Let’s hike, explore, and maybe even rage together in Iceland!!!!)