Nikhil Khurana

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Undergrad: University of Melbourne
Pre-MBA life: Utilities and energy (ask me about the wonders of wastewater, I beg you)
Post-MBA plans: Clean energy investment banking

Why should you join my trek?
The Ottoman Empire ruled Turkey from the 14th to 20th centuries. They created beautiful art and made astonishing advances in science and business (somehow all without discounted cash flow models or Porter’s 5 forces).

But, most importantly, they invented the DONER KEBAB.

If none of these appeal to you – hot air balloon sunrise in Cappadocia, boat party on the Bosphorus Strait, exploring Hagia Sophia (the ‘8th wonder of the world’) – then ummm ok… but no worries because the kebabs alone make this the Mtrek you CANNOT miss. Join our boisterous yet wholesome(?) group of MBA2s who will expertly show you how to forget what the ‘real world’ is like and smoothly enter the cozy Ross MBA bubble (cult?).

Live, laugh, kebab (and Go Blue).