Sam Stead

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Undergrad: Victoria University of Wellington (Bcomm Public Policy & International Business)
Pre-MBA life: Consulting and NZ Politics
Post-MBA plans: General Management LDP

Why should you join my trek?
Picture this: You’re in your first week of class at Ross. You’re trying to work out how to get ChatGPT to summarize a 30-page strategy case and why, in the world, a demand “curve” is actually just a straight line. But then… you go to your happy place. The streets of Berlin; where beers are plentiful, currywurst is on every corner, and you’re having the time of your life with 20 new best friends that you met 6 days ago at orientation.

Join the team for the absolute trip of a lifetime as we explore one of the world’s coolest capital cities, delve into a medieval village that looks straight out of a Disney movie, visit the birthplace of the hamburger (sorta) and cap it all off with the chance to partake in Germany’s renowned nightlife. We’re excited to welcome you to Ross, and can’t wait to get started on this trip!