EATaly BLUE Me Away

Trip Region: Western Europe
Country(ies): Italy
Partners Trek? No
Cost: $2505
Airfare Estimate: $1100
Structure: 3   •   Lodging: 3   •   Nightlife: 2   •   Activity: 2

Calling all foodies!!! Ever wanted to eat your way through Italy? Take a cooking class with an Italian chef? Kick back and relax on the coast of Italy? If the answer is yes, then join us for the trip of a lifetime! We will travel through Italy from Florence to the Amalfi Coast, eating and drinking our weight in pasta, pizza, wine, and gelato. There is no better way to start your MBA adventure! Your four fantastic leaders promise to make this trip unforgettable! And as a bonus you will get to see all of us at the Ross fitness center this fall as we try to burn off all the calories we ate during the trip.

Day 1 — Monday, Aug 21

Orientation and Impact Challenge is over! It is time have some fun in Europe! Today you will meet your fearless leaders in Florence, Italy! Once everyone is checked-in and settled, we will begin exploring our home for the next few days. We will kick-off the trip with a welcome dinner. Will it be pasta, pizza, or maybe just a whole bunch of gelato? We know that is what Stephanie is having!

Day 2 — Tuesday, Aug 22

Still full from last night’s dinner? I hope not because we are going on a tour of Florence’s markets and delis. Get ready for cheese, bread, wine, and more. We are going savour the best of Italy’s cuisuine the way the locals do. Afraid you will be in a food coma after the tour? No problem, the rest of the day in Florence is yours to do what you please, so go take a nap, shop, or find a café for a cappuccino and biscotti. After dinner, we can explore Florence’s nightlife a bit more!

Day 3 — Wednesday, Aug 23

Ready for something new? Rise and shine – we are off to Bologna for the day! We will start off the morning exploring Bologna, and yes, there will be more food if Shannon gets her way! Next up, we are headed to a surprise location for a wine tasting and dinner before we head back to Florence for our final night in the city.

Day 4 — Thursday, Aug 24

Up and at ‘em! We are off to Rome this morning! We will travel by train to the capital city of Italy where we will spend the afternoon touring ancient Rome: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum…all the classics (it may not have been built in a day, but we’ll try to see as much as we can this afternoon!). We will meet up again for another delicious Italian meal, but save your appetite because we have a special treat for you tomorrow!

Day 5 — Friday, Aug 25

Did you see something yesterday that you want to go explore more? Is there something you have always dreamed of doing in Rome? Today is your day to do it (as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do)! The day is yours, but make sure you’re hungry for dinner because later in the afternoon we will get back together and go to a pasta and gelato making class. Are you drooling yet? After dinner, we’ll explore the city’s nightlife and enjoy our last evening in Rome.

Day 6 — Saturday, Aug 26

We are off again! Our destination – Sorrento! After getting lunch on the way, we can spend the day exploring Sorrento and relaxing on the beach. Just don’t ask Salil about his swimming experience in Peru before you get in the water. Get out that SPF 100, you don’t want to get a sunburn because we are going on a hike tomorrow!

Day 7 — Sunday, Aug 27

Today is the day we start to burn off all those calories we have been eating. We will start the day touring Pompeii before we take a hike up Mt. Vesuvius to the crater rim. Get those selfie sticks ready! It is going to be an epic day!

Day 8 — Monday, Aug 28

Our final day has arrived. I know, we are sad too, but it is not over yet. We have one more unforgettable day in store for you! Today we will take a ferry over to Capri for the day! With beaches, the Blue Grotto, shopping, and limoncello, it is sure to be a great way to spend our final day! Make sure you soak up as much sun as you can before we head back to the frigid winters in Ann Arbor! Back in Sorrento we will have a farewell dinner to celebrate our final night!

Day 9 — Tuesday, Aug 29

It is time to head back to Michigan, but don’t worry you are heading back with an amazing group new friends and inimitable stories to brag about! We will see you around Ross and at the Big House!