Getting Down in Cape Town

Trip Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
Country(ies): South Africa
Partners Trek? No
Cost: $2487
Airfare Estimate: $1650
Structure:   •   Lodging:   •   Nightlife: 7   •   Activity: 6

Stunning scenery. Unreal nightlife. Wine tours. ATV driving through the hills. Safaris. The best #views. Sooooo much food. Boats. Whale watching. Penguins. Lots more wine. Even more nightlife. All with a group of your soon-to-be-best friends. There is one trip – and one trip only – that checks off every box and then some. That’s right, we are breaking it down in Cape Town!

Well, technically, we’re breaking it down in Cape Town + a couple of other dope places nearby. We’ll bookend the trip with a few days in Cape Town (aka the most beautiful city ever), but we’ll also visit a game reserve to spot wildlife, check out the best wine South Africa has to offer (trust us, there will be lots of it), and hit the open water off of the stunning beach town of Hermanus. You don’t want to miss this trip.

FYI, trek cost includes all activities mentioned on the itinerary (except for shark diving), almost all meals, and lots of alcohol.

Day 1 — Saturday, Aug 18

Get ready for the best trip of your lives - today we depart for Cape Town! It is a long journey ahead but we promise it will all be worth it!

Day 2 — Sunday, Aug 19

Sawubona Cape Town! Upon arrival, meet the rest of the group at the hotel before heading to a welcome dinner at Gold Restaurant at 6pm local time. Naturally, the first thing you want to do after a 20-hour flight is to go to a 14 course meal with people you have never met. Bring on the icebreakers (aka booze)!

Day 3 — Monday, Aug 20

Rise and shine! After a balanced breakfast we set out for Table Mountain - cable car for those who are still jet lagged, or an optional hike for those overachievers, not Ian. Prepare yourself for some #views. After working up an appetite, we head to the Instagram-friendly (read: colorful houses) Bo Kaap neighborhood. Here, we will partake in a traditional cooking class and we have high hopes that Chase will learn to cook a dish other than eggs and peanut butter (for more disturbing info, please see Chase’s bio). Eat up! You’ll want a solid base before we hit the town.

Day 4 — Tuesday, Aug 21

Today is your chance to see the Big 5 - and no, we aren’t talking about your MBA 2 leaders, it’s just some internship weight, thank you very much. Prepare yourselves for one of the signature activities of our trip - a safari in a 4x4. We will start off the day by leaving Cape Town for an upscale safari lodge for some drinks and sunbathing, before spending the afternoon driving around the preserve and taking all the photos that will make your friends jealous back at home. Lindsay will only have eyes for leopards so keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the Big 5. We conclude the night with a delicious dinner at the lodge. The fresh air, twinkling stars and copious amounts of wine will ensure a good night’s sleep.

Day 5 — Wednesday, Aug 22

In contrast to the majority of the Ross population, many safari animals are more active in the early hours of the day. So wakey, wakey, because today we have another chance to spot the Big 5 with a morning game drive! Then, get ready to rev up your engines. After saying goodbye to our furry friends, we’ll hop on ATVs and drive around the beautiful wine country. Finally, we’ll arrive at the coastal paradise of Hermanus - also known as the “Riviera of the South” - where we’ll enjoy a traditional west coast braai dinner before boogie-ing all night long.

Day 6 — Thursday, Aug 23

More amazing morning wildlife today, as we’ll embark on a Marine Safari in search of sharks, dolphins and whales (oh my!) After braving the ocean to see as many animals as we can handle, we’ll have a free afternoon and evening in Hermanus to explore or just relax or fulfill Andy’s dreams of shark diving.

Day 7 — Friday, Aug 24

Hop in, we’re going driving! Today we make our way back to Cape Town via the Peninsula Route, South Africa’s Pacific Coast Highway equivalent. As such, we will be encouraging as many icebreakers, car games and group singalongs as possible as we drive down this picturesque roadway. (Depending on how last night went, we might all be sleeping off our hangovers instead.) With stops at stunning landmarks such as Cape Point, Chapmans Peak and Simons town, today is no ordinary transit day. We conclude our road trip with a stop at Boulder Beach to visit the penguins. Take inspiration from our well-dressed, dancing feathered friends! We hit the town and shake our own tailfeathers till the wee hours of the morning.

Day 8 — Saturday, Aug 25

“BLESS THIS DAY!” say Lindsay and Aleksa. It is vineyard day! Fully ready to be the most basic versions of themselves, your lady leaders look forward to frolicking through the vineyards and telling our tour guide, “If you ask me, the bouquet is a little too robust. But I’m partial to the softer California grape.” As if this day could be any more up their alley, the tour includes both a cheese and chocolate pairing. Cheers to that!

Day 9 — Sunday, Aug 26

We start the day by visiting Robben Island and learning more about the history of South Africa. In the afternoon, in the off chance you’re sick of your trek leaders (unlikely), you’ll have leisure time to explore Cape Town. Hop down to the V&A Waterfront, grab one of your many new Ross BFFs and rent some e-bikes, or go to the beach-beach-let’s-go-get-away. Today is your day!

Day 10 — Monday, Aug 27

Today is the last day of our trip - you have the day at leisure until your flight departs. We check out of the hotel at 11am. This is where the trek ends, but rest assured that you’ll arrive back in AA with a new group of best friends to kick off two of the best years of your life!