Hvar You Ready For It?

Trip Region: Europe
Country(ies): Hungary, Croatia
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $2250
Airfare Estimate: $1500
Nightlife: 7   •   Activity: 6

Hvar you ready for it? Our trek will take you to the exotic lands of Hungary and Croatia. Come explore the best of Eastern Europe with the best of Ross, from Lake Balaton, to bombed out bars in Budapest, to island life off the Dalmatian Coast, to doing splits in Split.

This trek has a bit of everything: forays into the great outdoors with hikes and swimming, local culture and cuisine, lots of boats, even more nightlife and a bit of historical blah-blah-blah so you have something to tell your grandparents. With an eye-watering seven MBA2 leaders who are ready, willing, and eager to show you the time of your life and become your new best friends, hope you’re ready to get up close and personal.

Travel Day — Friday, Aug 17

Ready, set, go! You are free to depart from Ann Arbor after orientation activities are over around 5pm.

Day 1 — Saturday, Aug 18

Congratulations on surviving Orientation, Impact Challenge, and (hopefully) your first Rick’s experience! We’ll tackle jet lag and celebrate you all earning your Ross stripes with a welcome dinner in the heart of Budapest which starts at 6pm local time.

Day 2 — Sunday, Aug 19

Widely known as one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world, we will spend the day exploring the best that Budapest has to offer, from the thermal baths to caving in natural underground caves, to sprawling outdoor markets and more. At night, we’ll embark on a pub crawl through some of Budapest’s Ruin Bars, aka extreme and excessively cool dive bars where you can check your student loan worries at the door and get extra large beers for less than $2.

Day 3 — Monday, Aug 20

There’s something you need to know about your MBA2 leaders: we love boats. A lot. And this is the first day on the trek that we really lean into that. We’ll travel approximately two hours to Lake Balaton, aka the “Hungarian Sea” and the largest lake in Central Europe that is assured to be weird and wonderful. We’ll spend the afternoon boozing and cruising (Danielle and Steph may push Douwe overboard) before leaving Hungary behind and making our way to Croatia.

Day 4 — Tuesday, Aug 21

Welcome to Croatia’s capital city! We’ll start the day with a walking tour and spend the afternoon wandering through both upper town and lower town. At night, we’ll meet up for a group dinner, before heading out to explore some of the best nightlife that the city has to offer. Expect Jinny to challenge the locals to a battle on the dance floor. (Spoiler alert: Jinny wins)

Day 5 — Wednesday, Aug 22

The battle for the best MTrek Instagram is an unspoken but very real phenomenon, and today is your chance to enter the ring. We’ll spend the day exploring the stupidly beautiful Plitvice National Park, filled with lakes, waterfalls, and green hills galore. After hiking and picnicking to our little woodland heart’s content, we’ll make our way to Split.

Day 6 — Thursday, Aug 23

The second largest city in Croatia has it all: beautiful coastlines, great cuisine, and gorgeous architecture. The world is your oyster on this free day, so use your time wisely (or not…), before we meet up again for a night out on the town.

Day 7 — Friday, Aug 24

We told you Zack is fancy, so this is the day we indulge him. After spending the morning and afternoon on Split’s beautiful beaches, we’ll don our freshest threads and head out on a Dalmatian Wine and Dine tour, where we’ll sample some of the best Mediterranean food in the region, and MK will offer everyone a lesson on how to repack your suitcase in order to carry wine bottles back to the USofA (she somehow managed to transport half a case home after MTrek last year).

Day 8 — Saturday, Aug 25

We’ll hop on a ferry in the morning and cruise over to the island of Hvar (note: be sure to pronounce it “far” or Douwe will correct you with his Ivy League education). Spend the day exploring the island known as “the Queen of the Dalmatian Islands” (also Mike’s drag name) with a stroll around Old Town, a visit to the Spanjola Fortress, and an afternoon on the beach. Just make sure to save up some energy, because the nightlife on Hvar does not mess around (and neither do we).

Day 9 — Sunday, Aug 26

And we’re back to the boat thing… Get ready to set sail on the beautiful Adriatic! We’ll visit Hvar’s neighboring islands and cliff jump in the sweet sunshine before returning to Michigan winter in September (only half-kidding). This is our last night together (crying face emoji), with a last group dinner and turn up in Hvar. Be sure to leave it all on the field this time, kids.

Departure Day — Monday, Aug 27

Today we catch the ferry back to Split and bid a fond doviđenja to Croatia and the new friends (and perhaps lovers) we’ve made over the past 10 days. Trip ends at upon arrival at the harbor in Split. Remember, what happens on MTrek, stays on MTrek. On the plane ride back to Michigan, let’s braid each other’s hair and plan our first pre-Skeeps reunion.

Mary Kate Richardson

Mary Kate is a human-capital extraordinaire hailing from charming North Carolina. But don’t let her fool you, after 5 years in New York and a lifetime of bad Olsen twin jokes, MK is not THATTT nice! This UNC alum hates Duke more than anything, but loves country music, college basketball and cracking a cold one with her buds. Before Ross, she worked in fashion PR and earned her paycheck by telling people they weren’t “on the list”, rubbing elbows with celebrities, and not feeding the models. Always down for a good time, MK brings the sass and the class everywhere she goes.

Nickname: MK

First Concert: Celine Dion (post-Titanic)

Drink of Choice: Old Fashioned

Mike Ilardi

Michael J. Ilardi was discovered by Soojin in a Land’s End catalog as a teen model. After 4 years at Vassar, 4 years in Oakland and 2 years in ERB (we don’t know what that stands for, but it’s Michigan’s school for people who care about the environment, or just want to feel superior), he’s downgraded to Patagonia vests and perpetual no-shave November. He’s legitimately the nicest human you will ever meet, but after recruiting for consulting and spending this upcoming summer in NYC, this bear may grow some claws (rawr).

Nickname: Mikey T (trust us, there’s a good story behind this)

First Concert: Less Than Jake

Drink of Choice: Campari

Jinny Han

Buckle your seatbelts, cuz you’re in for one rough ride. When she’s not amateur mechanical bull-riding or fitting into small spaces, you can find Jinny, aka Johnny, thrusting on stage at Necto during MBGay. This hipster-turned-MBA hails from Iowa and went to Colorado College for undergrad before teaching snot-nosed brats their ABCs (j/k, she taught high school physics and biology). She’s a professionally trained mime (not joking), and unsurprisingly, Jinny got all the way through the MBA core without talking once in class… so don’t stress out about your “participation” grades. This summer she’ll be taking her talents to the streets of New York where she’ll put the capital ($$$) in human capital.

Nickname: Jing-a-ling / Soojin Han

First Concert: Vans Warped Tour

Drink of Choice: Corona

Zack Beltran

Zack is a man among men who appreciates fine hotels, fine dining, fine pastries, and spent more money at the Ross Starbucks as an MBA1 than he did on tuition. He has two aspirations in life: (1) to become a trophy husband and (2) to become the 7th member of the Kardashian clan. Both are unlikely, so he’s settling for a summer in consulting. This Bucknell graduate likes to tell people that he’s from Pennsylvania, but his spot-on impression of a Long Island mom suggests otherwise. When he’s not napping, he’s all about the details, so don’t worry, you’re in good hands – until he makes you play slap-the-bag with boxed Fireball.

Nickname: Zack Attack

First Concert: Britney Spears (…Baby One More Time tour)

Drink of Choice: Starbucks grande skim latte, no room, no foam, in a double cup

Douwe Yntema

Either you hate him or you never met him. Douwe, aka “the Dove” in Dutch, is a Salvadoran/Dutchman who went to a private, second-tier undergraduate school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was an NCAA athlete who looks great in a speedo, but he suffers from carpal tunnel from tinder-ing too hard. When he’s not arguing with professors in class, Douwe is a hopeless romantic who enjoys poetry and the greats of literature (Thoreau, Oscar Wilde, and E.L. James). This ex-consultant turned investment banker has both brains and brawn and can go all night long.

Nickname: Deezy

First Concert: Reliant K

Drink of Choice: Four Horsemen

Danielle Dobson

Her birthday must be Thanksgiving, because she will ROAST you. By far the funniest MBA, she graduated from Northeastern but won’t correct you if you think she went to Northwestern. Dobs studied development economics before giving up on the world and taking a job in investment management and private equity. Her notorious deep-fryer parties made her a quick group of friends at Ross, who she regularly encourages to go skinny dipping when they’re all together. She can drop it, drop it low, but needs to learn to line dance before moving to Texas this summer to work in the tech industry.

Nickname: Dobby the House Elf (don’t give her a sock because she’s already been freed)

First Concert: Britney Spears (Oops! I Did It Again tour)

Drink of Choice: Diet Coke with Lime and Ice

Stephanie Dollan

The awkward handshake you always knew you wanted. A rare survivor of the University of Vermont, she cut her teeth in New York’s East Village and can now rock a pair of ironic eyeglasses like no other. After a stint in book publishing, this lovable corporate sellout is taking her talents into the world of marketing analytics. A front-runner for the Tour de Franzia, this Westchester native is the most chill gal at Ross. But don’t let be caught off guard by that sweet smile, she is not afraid to tell you that she knows you’re wrong (because let’s face it, you probably are).

Nickname: Steph

First Concert: Hanson (and she met them)

Drink of Choice: Coors Light