Irish You Were Here

Trip Region: Europe
Country(ies): Ireland
Partners Trek? Yes
Cost: $2707
Airfare Estimate: $900
Structure:   •   Lodging:   •   Nightlife: 4   •   Activity: 3

Trek Description:

Although we hate Ohio State, Cardale Jones once delivered a great piece of wisdom for MBA students: “We ain’t come here to play school.” True to form, this trip promises to start your MBA experience off the way it should. Catch flights not feelings after orientation and join us in Dublin, where we’ll spend 4 days in the city covering every experience you could want, from tours of famous booze factories, to cultural history, to throwbacks like AC/DC and Riverdance. We’ll then meander over to Galway to see the Cliffs of Moher and take in a tour of Connemara before returning to Dublin. All good things must come to an end sadly, but before everybody flies home, you can prime yourself for college football season by watching Florida State (ew…Go Blue) play Georgia Tech (also ew…Go Blue) at Croke Park in Dublin.

Day 1 — Thursday, Aug 17

Mark O'Connell

Hometown: Washington DC
Undergrad: THE University of Southern California
Pre-MBA life: US Marine Corps
Post-MBA plans: Consulting (classic corporate sellout)

Why should you join my trek?
Irish Celebration by Macklemore is the anthem, your trek leaders have two Irish flag tattoos, and there’s something for everyone, from a tour of the Jameson distillery, to the Cliffs of Moher, to American (not European) football. If I haven’t convinced you yet, the trek leaders have a ton of experience in Ireland and will bend over backwards to make sure you get everything you want out of the trip.

Vraj Mehta

Hometown: Vadodara, India
Undergrad: THE University of Southern California
Pre-MBA life: Mechanical Engineer for an Underground Mining Company (Scary!)
Post-MBA plans: Consulting, my dream would be to work for an F1 Team

Why should you join my trek?
Getting your MBA can be fun (more fun than getting a masters of engineering), but it can also be hard (not as hard as a masters of engineering). So why not kick off that fun and (kind of) hard experience by partying in Dublin, seeing the beauty of Ireland in Galway, and getting ready for the most exciting two years of your lives?
(I am a photographer, so you might get some great Instagram worthy pictures haha)

Mike Johnson

Hometown: Fayetteville, NC
Undergrad: Norwich University
Pre-MBA life: U.S. Army
Post-MBA plans: Consulting (I love money and hate committing to a career)

Why should you join my trek?
I have both of the above mentioned Irish flag tattoos. I could list out all the fun activities we have planned, but it simply comes down to this. Do you like learning about the rich history of different cultures, admiring magnificent ancient architecture, and soaking in some of the most scenic views on earth? And more importantly, do you like drinking Guinness and good Irish whiskey while doing all those things? If the answer is yes, then you know what trek to join. Sure, you could go to Banff and see natural beauty, or Brazil and party like crazy, and I’m sure Sicily will inundate you with the rich heritage of the Sicilian people. But if you want it all, you know where you’ll get it. Ireland.

Maddy Johnson

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Undergrad: University of South Florida
Pre-MBA life: Teacher and Mom
Post-MBA plans: Teacher and Mom

Why should you join my trek?
Whether you are an incoming MBA or a partner like myself, you’re probably still confused as to why you’re picking up your lives and moving to the Midwest. Pick this trek, and you’ll have no doubts about why you chose Ross. You’ve got a long semester ahead: the late night recruiting events at Pizza House (lots of beer), the social gatherings at Skeeps and Circ (lots of beer), and don’t forget the family friendly gatherings with classmates at York (lots of beer). Is there a better way to prepare for that gauntlet than drinking lots of beer and experiencing the beauty of Ireland? Hint: the answer is no. See you in Dublin!