Norway Jose

Trip Region: Western Europe
Country(ies): Norway
Partners Trek? No
Cost: $2935
Airfare Estimate: $1200
Structure: 3   •   Lodging: 3   •   Nightlife: 3   •   Activity: 3

Have you ever wondered where the cheese slicer was invented? Do you like being outdoorsy but prefer drinking more? Can you “be normal and ride it out?” Do you enjoy unapologetically bad puns? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s time for you to get in fjordmation because there is norway you’ll be choosing another MTrek. After hiking Machu Picchu, zip lining the cliffs along the Urubamba river, and getting weird at Mama Africa in Cusco, these leaders are following in the footsteps of their leaders by going to Norway.

Join us as we hit up Oslo, Bergen, and everything in between. You’ll have chances to ride the famous Bergensbanen train through some of Norway’s highest regions, indulge in the scenic views while taking the Ulriken Express cable car down from the top of Bergen’s “Seven Mountains”, extreme a fjord safari (because that is a thing that exists), and take selfies for days after hiking to the top of the Preikestolen Plateau. And Oslo-ng as we’re in Norway, you can learn to speak whale, hunt for trolls (folkloric or not – up to you), get crunk on enough akvavit to fell a viking, and face swap with The Scream painting. We’ll make sure to provide you with enough FOMO-inducing photo-ops for your friends back home and plenty of opportunities for you to turn Scandinavia into Scandal-navia. The possibilities are endless and this is an experience you can’t affjord to miss.

Day 1 — Saturday, Aug 19

You’ve survived Orientation and Impact Challenge, so let’s celebrate! Meet your fellow trekkers in Ann Arbor, head to the airport, and catch a flight to the land that inspired the movie Frozen.

Day 2 — Sunday, Aug 20

Hallo! Velkommen! We started from the bottom Ann Arbor Norway here. Our viking voyage begins in Oslo, where we’ll check into our hotel, engage in some serious group bonding (read: eat and drink everything in sight), and rest up for the big day ahead. Your trek leaders will tell you all about last year’s MTrek debauchery in Peru, and we’ll brainstorm ways to top it on this trip.

Day 3 — Monday, Aug 21

It’s our first full day of adventure, so let’s visit some Norwegian spots that no one can pronounce. Tom insists he’s learned the language, but the rest of us think it’s how he normally sounds after Skeeps. Anyway, our journey begins in Bergen, so we’ll hop on the Bergen Railway and enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the Hardangervidda Plateau (we know that’s important to you). No other train ride in Europe is at a higher altitude than this one, but luckily for you, the 5 of us conquered altitude in Machu Picchu last year. Once in Bergen, we’ll hike up Mt. Ulriken and look out over the majestic views. While the Valencia filter is drying on your ‘grams, we’ll take the cable car down the mountain and head out for dinner. To spice things up, we’ll take bets on whether Adam orders reindeer or whale.

Day 4 — Tuesday, Aug 22

Are y’all ready fjord some fun? Today is a packed day, but we have plenty of puns to keep you feeling energized. First, we’ll board the train through the Raundal Valley to Myrdal then we’ll check another item off your bucket list by taking the Flåm Railway, the steepest railway in Europe. We’ll grab lunch in Flåm and then head out on a Fjord Safari on some James Bond-esque boats through World Heritage areas of Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjor. The person who butchers those names the most does shots of aquavit. Before we head back to the hotel, we’ll be sure to squeeze in a quick trip on the Floy Mountain Funicular for some beautiful views of the (GO) BLUE sea and Bergen’s iconic pastel colored houses. At night, we’ll tell each other our deepest, darkest secrets to bind our friendships permanently. Just kidding, but your Trek leaders do have a few ideas in store to keep things interesting...

Day 5 — Wednesday, Aug 23

We’ll have a lazy morning to rest up after the previous day’s reenactment of the Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat” video. Stavanger calls, however, so let’s get going! Known as “the city of natural highs” (interpret that how you will), this area is filled with beautiful fjords, mountains and beaches. After some low-key exploring, we’ll enjoy a night out and Anjin will help us teach the locals how to sing the Fight Song. Gå blå!

Day 6 — Thursday, Aug 24

Today starts with a breakfast smorgasbord at the hotel. From there, we’ll take a ferry to Tau where we’ll hike to the world famous Preikestolen, also known as “the Pulpit Rock.” This plateau is located 600 meters above sea level and has spectacular views of the Lysefjord. We’ll embrace our inner basicness, take a few pictures (human pyramid anyone?), and pray that Carrie makes it through the hike in one piece.

Day 7 — Friday, Aug 25

After a chill morning, we’ll make our way to Kristiansand by train. This city is a cultural hotspot, and we intend on making the most of it. We’ll enjoy a group dinner before hitting up a local microbrewery and playing Edward Fjordyhands or other similar games. The night ends (or perhaps, just begins!) on the dance floor at the only nightclub in town. Bring your best dance moves because Ramu surely will.

Day 8 — Saturday, Aug 26

It’s time to head back to Oslo and begin our own farewell tour. After checking-in to our final hotel (did we mention this one will be 4 stars?), it’s time to explore this quirky, colorful city. We’ll spend the day perusing the delicacies at Maschmanns Food Market, checking out the Viking Ship Museum, stopping by the Akershus Castle & Fortress, and stocking up on souvenirs. The capital of Norway has a 24-hour transport system, so we’ll take advantage and enjoy a night on the town.

Day 9 — Sunday, Aug 27

Savor the memories on our last day in Norway. For our final morning, we’ll take the ferry to go island hopping between Vippetangen, Hoved0ya, Lind0ya, Nakholmen, Bleik0ya, Gressholmen and Lang0yene. Free fireball shots for anyone who can correctly say all of those islands. In the afternoon, we’ll take in the beautiful sights one last time by kayaking through the fjords because we’re outdoorsy like that. A celebration farewell dinner will be followed by many drinks, and just maybe, some more of the dance moves you’ve perfected on the Rick’s dance floor.

Day 10 — Monday, Aug 28

Like post-BUS (this will make so much more sense come August), all good things must come to an end. Today we head home to Ann Arbaugh and get out our khaki pants for football season. Get ready for days in the Winter Garden and nights at Skeeps with your new family.