Paraty in Brazil

Trip Region: South America
Country(ies): Brazil
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $1300
Airfare Estimate: $1000
Nightlife: 5   •   Activity: 7

Brazil’s got it all – beaches, awesome cities, amazing history and phenomenal food. We’re planning to explore all of it, and can’t wait for you to join us! From soccer games in Rio, to waterfall hikes in Paraty, to checking out old pirate haunts in Ilha Grande, to the best nightlife in the planet, there’s a little for everyone on this trip – and plenty of time for your MTrek crew to become your new Ross family along the way. The four of us became BFFs on our MTrek, and can’t wait to replicate the experience for you. We’re amped to give you an awesome experience, from outdoor activities to nights out to cool history tours and everything in between. See you in Copacabana!

Travel Day — Saturday, Aug 18

Off we go!

Day 1 — Sunday, Aug 19

Arrive in Rio! Welcome meeting at the hotel at 1 PM local time. Our guide will get us oriented with a tour around the city, followed by a welcome dinner!

Day 2 — Monday, Aug 20

In the morning, we’ll hop on a four-hour bus to Paraty - a beautiful mountain town right by the ocean. We’ll have the afternoon to explore - from cobbled streets of town to the surrounding National Park (wildlife and waterfalls - what else could we ask for?).

Day 3 — Tuesday, Aug 21

Based on our first day in Paraty, we’ll tailor our next day to make sure we see it all. We can hop on a boat for some awesome coastline views, take a quick jaunt to Trinidade or take the day to hang. We’ll customize today based on what the group thinks after Day 2!

Day 4 — Wednesday, Aug 22

ROADTRIP! We get to spend 5 hours together in close quarters so hope you all have some amazing stories to share. If not, it’s ok, sleeping is a great option as well. When you wake up will be in the former Alcatraz of Brazil (Ilha Grande). Oooohhh, exciting!

Day 5 — Thursday, Aug 23

With two days on the island, we are on our own to explore the remote beaches, take a private boat trip to the blue lagoon and snorkel. With plenty of opportunities for pics that you can flex on the gram for days, you can make all the other MTrekkers jealous #ThirstyThursdays #FlexFridays. At night, there will be copious amounts of alcohol involved. (But only if you want. We promise!)

Day 6 — Friday, Aug 24

With two days on the island, we are on our own to explore the remote beaches, take a private boat trip to the blue lagoon and snorkel. With plenty of opportunities for pics that you can flex on the gram for days, you can make all the other MTrekkers jealous #ThirstyThursdays #FlexFridays. At night, there will be copious amounts of alcohol involved. (But only if you want. We promise!)

Day 7 — Saturday, Aug 25

Today, we head back to Rio. We will be attending a soccer game in the mythical Maracana soccer stadium, which hosted the soccer game with the highest attendance ever (200,000 people!). That’s right, double the amount of the Big House. Don’t worry about overcrowding, the stadium was renovated for the 2014 World Cup and can only host 80,000 today. After the game, we’ll have dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse and explore the nightlife in Rio.

Day 8 — Sunday, Aug 26

No official trip activities planned for today. Feel free to explore Rio on your own or join your Trek leaders for a fun activity to be determined. Options include drinking on the beach all day, visiting Corcovado (the Christ statue), riding the Sugarloaf cable car, visiting the beautiful neighborhood of Santa Teresa, or drinking on the beach all day (Copacabana anyone?).

Departure Day — Monday, Aug 27

Check out from hotel by 11am and head back to Ann Arbor - since we’re all ready for the BUS, football games, Stats and Accounting, and recruiting season! See you guys there :)

Meghan "Diesel" Kiesel

Hailing from “Wine”etonka, MN, Meghan is that girl you want on your side when someone asks you to pivot. No, it’s not a cool dance. It’s those fancy Excel skills drilled into her in her former life by Uncle D. Of course we don’t just value her for her Microsoft Office skills; there are those baking skills she will put to use to make you a cake when you land your internship! (Taste may vary.) She is also surprisingly fluent in Mandarin for being a small-town Midwestern girl, which won’t really help us in Brazil, but hey, it’ll kill in two truths and a lie. Adding to her list of accomplishments, she also tried to maneuver her way onto the boys lacrosse team in high school. Gotta love a go-getter. After getting boxed out (get it?) of lacrosse, she made skiing her main bae and is definitely the person you want to roll with when the Boyne ski trip rolls around.

Meghan is the rainmaker of her b-school network and is definitely the one you wanna party with (especially at the BUS), so long as you profess your undying love for Tom Brady. Even if you don’t, she’ll still go above and beyond to make Ross (and BRAZIL!!!) the most amazing experience you’ve had.

In the immortal words of Meghan – IT’S HAPPENING!

Akash "Ashok" Khare

Akash is best known for his ability to immediately fall asleep on any moving vehicle (#akashtime). When he is awake, he’s got a joke (or pickup line? We’re never really sure) for basically every scenario and is almost never seen eating anything without red pepper chili flakes. He also considered almost every other professional school before landing on business school (ask him about that time he almost was a doctor), and now that he’s here, he makes a habit of asking every prospective employer if he’ll get equity. If that wasn’t enough, he also had early cricket and violin aspirations and, based on his Instagram, could probably also shoot for a little Olympic beach volleyball. He’s also not quite sure if he’s a domestic or international student (and basically only drinks Corona – cause that makes sense), but he’ll figure it out at some point, we’re sure. What can we say – he’s a well-rounded guy.

Before Ross, Akash was an electrical engineer, decided he liked talking to people too much, and switched into consulting – but only after a next-level trip around the world that left him with only a carry-on for his first couple weeks of school. Yeah, we all knew his wardrobe fairly well at that point. At Ross, he does all the fancy data things as part of DIAG, is the Director of Finance for the Energy Club, and generally treats the entire campus as his personal improv stage (yeah, babyyy!). He can’t wait to meet all of you and do a little bit of this, little bit of that as we bop around Brazil!

Santiago "The Mayor" Morfin

Santiago might be best known for optimizing the Latin American market for Vail while working in sales at the ski resort. Or potentially for his wardrobe of brightly colored pants (we’re told that’s what’s done in Miami?). Or, perhaps, for never missing a Skeeps night. Or, maybe he’s best known for the stories he weaves to win the hearts of recruiters. Legend has it he brought a Microsoft interviewer to tears with his tale of keeping in touch with a childhood friend, who moved to Spain, only because they could play Xbox live together (spoiler alert – it maaaay have been slightly exaggerated). Santi can be a sassy “savage” when he’s in the mood, and his go-to expression of excitement is, simply, “Deutschland!” At Ross last year, Santi could be found planning Latin American Business Students Association (LABSA) parties that do his Miami roots proud. This coming year you’ll find the older, more mature version serving as LABSA’s VP of Finance in preparation for his corporate finance career. And if you can’t find him doing any of that, he is most likely drinking a G&T. Or grocery shopping for only peanut butter, turkey and bread. (No eggs. Never any eggs. Or rum.)

Oh, and Santi’s the perfect travel buddy. His three passports (yeah, we know, he’s pretty much an international spy) give him access to basically the entire world (#europeanunion). So, get ready for an awesome week – it always is, if Santi’s at the helm. Deutschland!

Charlie Lee

Hailing from Korea, Charlie likes to get crazy from time to time. During her backpacking trip to India, she was baptized in the River Ganges by a Hindu monk. She enjoyed that so much that she immediately found a job in India and spent all her payroll traveling across the country and exploring the lovely local dresses – which will come in handy for the Diwali party!! Also, one could say you need serious guts to jump in her car. Even though she had never driven before Ross, the first thing she did after landing in AA was buy a car from Craigslist! Overcoming the driving phobia was on her MBA bucket list (soon after getting a job we think). Charlie has never watched football game at the Michigan stadium, but you will see her roaming around at the tailgate before and after the games, holding a bottle of red wine in hand (#Classy).

Nevertheless, she has successfully survived six years in the third oldest, notoriously conservative Korean firm (She only gets crazy when out of her home country). Having worked as a marketer landed her bragging rights in PowerPoint and a summer internship in marketing. Now as a president of Korean Business Club, she is trying to coordinate a K-pop night for the upcoming year (!!!!) Over this summer, she will be working out hard enough to get the most of Brazilian booze and have fun with all of you!