Pretty Fly for Uruguay

Trip Region: South America
Country(ies): Argentina, Uruguay
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $2999
Airfare Estimate: $1100
Nightlife: 6   •   Activity: 7

Do you like exploring South American cities? Can you tell the difference between a Malbec and a Syrah (we can’t either)? Are you interested in converting “Old Town Road” from your favorite pregame jam to your life’s theme song? Join our trek to experience the best of all that both Uruguay and Argentina have to offer.

This trip has everything – city tours, massive waterfalls (and Bob, a tall glass of water), Argentinian nightlife, a ferry (and Mariel, a fairy), a hike… what more could you ask for? Oh, delicious food and drink? Check and check! Catch ya on the flip side (like the literal Southern Hemisphere). Let’s see how the sun hits and which way the toilet flushes for once and for all.

Travel Day — Sunday, Aug 16

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Bienvenidos a Buenos Aires! While I’m sure you enjoyed your fair share of BelVitas while watching Evita on the flight over, please don’t cry for me Argentina, there are no tears on this MTrek, only the longest continuously maintained smile of your entire life. Hope the Patagonias in your checked bag make it because we’ll be close, but we’re not going there. Upon arrival, settle into your hotel, meet your fellow trekkers and prepare for an evening of taste bud silent disco fueled by five courses of premium meat (lol) and delectable alcoholic grape juice (I am not drinking f***ing Merlot!). This isn’t your average NY strip at Ponderosa. We’re hopping on our culinary GulfstreamTM, destination: nirvana.

Day 1 — Monday, Aug 17

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Your taste buds enjoyed the metropolitan cuisine, now it's time to flip their world upside down like NasX did to country music. Ride the Old Town Road to just outside of Buenos Aires to the Elosia Estancia. Here, we’ll meet some horses and learn about the famed sport of Polo (not just for your dad’s shirts). Your day trip also includes a BBQ lunch and Argentinian wine tasting. We’ll then head back to Buenos Aires for a potential spin with the famous BA nightlife.

Day 2 — Tuesday, Aug 18

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay: In the AM, we’ll complete our royal flush of travel with a ferry transfer from BA to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. Never heard of it? No problem! Luis Suarez will provide a personal city tour with lunch (it won’t be him, but we will have a guide). You’ll enjoy getting to know your fellow trekkers while walking the cobblestone streets of the Barrio Historico, taking in the architectural wonders of this UNESCO World Heritage site. While the guide runs the day, your options abound after dark. Leaders will plan a group dinner, with nightlife opportunities to follow.

Day 3 — Wednesday, Aug 19

Montevideo, Uruguay: Hope you packed your Nuun tablets (no seriously, LINK) - today we travel to the city of Montevideo. Here we learn about the history of Blockbuster Video, Pop-up Video, and most importantly, Montevideo. Continuing our exploration of South American tour guide styles, we partake in another Uruguayan city tour, this time working in more Leslie Knope, Selina Meyer and Jed Bartlett flavor in the country’s capital city. Once the tour concludes, again we tango, candombe or milonga our way through the watering holes of Montevideo, closely monitoring Prutha’s tequila intake along the way.

Day 4 — Thursday, Aug 20

Buenos Aires, Argentina: After waking up, identifying your whereabouts, popping a Nuun tablet, and finding the group, you’ll brave the high seas (or, technically a large river) back to Buenos Aires. In the afternoon, we complete the “Pretty Fly for Uruguay” trifecta by completing your third city tour in three days (bring your shape-ups!). Also don’t forget your portable phone charger, as street art abounds in the Colegiales neighborhood, where the tour snakes before finding our way to the MALBA, an art museum known for modern art (where you will undoubtedly out-gram our aspiring influencer Mariel). Celebrate the conclusion of the city tour trifecta at a local winery/brewery (where we get to know their secrets? Dunno, ask Intrepid). Later, we’ll learn the art of tango during a dance lesson followed by dinner and a tango show. Hope all the dancing tires you out because you need to rest up -- tomorrow we travel to where Chadwick Boseman was crowned king of Wakanda.

Day 5 — Friday, Aug 21

Puerto Iguazú, Argentina: Rise and shine, trekkers! We’ll be cruising the friendly skies to Puerto Iguazú city, near the world-famous Iguazú Falls (aka Warrior Falls per Black Panther #wakandaforever). We’ll cross into our third country of the tour, Brazil, to explore the Brazilian National Park side of the falls in the PM. Of note, we finish the tour in “the canyon of the Devil’s Throat” (their words, not ours), and Bob has promised a demonstration of his famed kicking abilities, offering to launch a football across the falls at some point. Lunch is included in our trek, but dinner will be on our own in Puerto Iguazú.

Day 6 — Saturday, Aug 22

Puerto Iguazú, Argentina: Today, we’ll be exploring the Argentine side of the Iguazú Falls in the Iguazú National Park. We’ll begin our exploration in Devil’s Throat (sheesh, we still can’t), walk 45 minutes to another viewpoint of the falls at the Upper Walk (why can’t Devil’s Throat take the hint?), and a 1.5 hr walk along the lower path (again, wtf Devil’s Throat?). After our Dora-the-Explorer adventure day, the evening’s activities are subject to the whims of the group. Sasha has promised a solo jazz evening at her favorite Puerto Iguazú jazz smoking lounge, but again, subject to the whims of the group. Bring your smoking jackets just in case.

Day 7 — Sunday, Aug 23

Buenos Aires, Argentina: I lied when I said there would be no tears on this trek, because you may shed a tear for our last full day (or for being caught in a detailed personality analysis with Laura) as an international crew of MTrek friends. Today, we’ll be making our way back to BA for our last hurrah as South American gauchos. We’ll have a free day, depending on travel times, to explore BA one last time. Our farewell meal could only be titled “The Argentine Experience” as it is an all-encompassing experience, both a true feast for the senses and a feat of ingestion. Here, we’ll repulge empanadas, prepare mates, swirl some wine, and order steak en Espanol. Open your hearts to our final group dinner in this little corner of the world, then open your devil’s throat to all of the liquor BA has to offer in one final grand finale closing ceremonial bash.

Departure Day — Monday, Aug 24

Remember those Nuun tablets? Today is our departure day, but we’ll see you in Ann Arbor! Fly back to the states, with a treasure chest of stories, souvenirs, and fresh friendships to build on throughout your MBA experience.

Mariel Sena

This fine feline of a female went to “school in Boston” and played hardball in softball. She then took her talents to Vegas working in the restaurant industry and SF to revolutionize the start-up scene. She’s known around Ross for crushing a themed party, and take it from us, she will NOT allow you to go to a party without dressing up (^^her picture) or at least throwing some themed makeup on – see MBGay 2020, any Risky concert, etc. Not only is she the life of the party, but she’s an admirable, caring, and kind human who will make you comfortable enough to spill all your life secrets, but don’t worry she’ll share back. She put herself out there during OutX, an event that brings the whole Ross community together. It was pure excellence in sharing an important message, so if you need help with public speaking, she’s your lady. Another Follies stand-out, ask her about her role as “Mama D”, especially if you’re looking to recruit for consulting! Speaking of, she’ll be taking her talents to human capital consulting at Deloitte this summer – so if you’re into that, don’t miss out on this bonding experience with her – we ensure even school and work talk with her won’t be a bore, because she promises tequila, and where there is Mariel and Tequila there is fun.

Prutha Patel

Be careful with your phone around this one. Voted “Most likely to write full sentences in an instagram story about a family wedding”, she will also send some great messages to everyone in your contact list after sucking down a few of her favorite spirit, tequila. She’s real and gets down to it with a sneaky Garden State smile, usually after a passing (but planted) reference to The State University of New Jersey aka Rutgers (who thought of that?). Her experience in non-profit becomes immediately apparent with her generous soul supplemented by a fresh batch of vocal fry (I LOVE that!), which she’ll take to the marketing arena after Ross, peddling yogurt and making sure Chobani doesn’t take over the world. If for some reason you don’t get to know Prutha well on the trek, her record of planning 8+ MBA1 MTrek reunions alone bodes well for your chances to get to know her back in Ann Arbor, likely over a slice or two of Cottage Inn pizza. For real though, Prutha is the kindest, most generous soul at Ross, and will be sure to help you get the most out of your MTrek experience, and most importantly, back at Ross as the MBA experience plays out (except Stats. Do NOT ask her for help on Stats).

Sasha Kapur

While it’s not easy for any of us to admit it, Sasha has hands down the most energy on the dance floor, full stop. She WILL JUMP up and down FOREVER, and won’t lose her rhythm even as the night wains—she is Risky Business’ best drummer/trumpet player/etc (she plays so many instruments) after all! An undergrad Blue Devil, she decided to repurpose all her blue #sports clothes at Michigan because she is an evil genius #goblueagain? When she is not making us shake our groove things on the dance floor, she can be found exploring the big outdoors, hanging with the Out for Business and Consortium fams, and enjoying a strong drink with her awesome roommates. Just know that you will not see a bigger, brighter smile or receive a warmer, more welcome hug, whether it’s at Skeeps, in South America, or after she’s greeted her adoring fans post-Risky Show.

Laura Kasprzyk

Our local Michigander, Laura, is happy to call the mitten home… for now. She came to Ross after working for the consulting team at Forrester Research in Bahhhston.

She is not one to sit on her Laura-els (hah, get it?). While at Ross she has been heavily involved in the Michigan Marketing Club, General Management Club, writing funny skits for Follies, improving academic experiences through section leadership roles, and the Detroit Revitalization and Business Club Impact Projects. If you’re a fan of chicken, marketing, or both… she will have a heck of a lot to talk about after her brand management internship at Tyson Foods! Talk with her to get the inside scoop on recruiting, finding your North Star, or cheering on the Red Wings (go Blackhawks!)

Bob Der

Bob “Bobby, but he’s rebranding” Der is a reformed EY auditor and finance operations consultant, and will be “most likely to ask the deep questions” on this trek. At Ross, Bob is involved in soccer club, give-a-day fund, wine club, LDRX, modeling for Follies, and flexing his public speaking skills whenever he gets a chance (watch out, Circ karaoke). As Bob will be coming off of his summer working in customer experience consulting in Chicago, if you see him lost in thought, don’t panic, he’s likely ensuring the #CX #CustomerJourney of all his trekkers while also plotting how to maximize quantity (and quality) of naps per day (see above photo from last years’ MTrek for proof). Known for the most well-defined calves at Ross, Bob will also make sure all of our adventures go according to plan, and even if everything is already according to plan, that they’re still going according to plan. His propensity for monitoring any given situation is just one indicator of his big heart and the passion he has for those with whom he shares life’s best moments. As a leader on this trek, Bob will be more than willing to provide a guiding hand and be a resource once things get real back in A2.