Ricks-aragua Dos

Trip Region: Central America
Country(ies): Nicaragua
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $2235
Airfare Estimate: $750
Nightlife: 4   •   Activity: 4

Nicaragua is so hot right now! This trip is part of a long lineage of Central America trips ranging all the way back to 2015. Here at Rick’s-aragua Dos , we’ll do our namesake bar, and our trip heritage, proud and make sure your adventurous spirit (see: liver) are ready for the next 2 years. This trip is the perfect mix of neon-colored good times, outdoor adventure (on volcanoes and waterfalls) and beach recuperation. You will be in great drinking shape by the end. Sand boarding, boat adventures, hiking in rainforests, rum tasting, surfing on one of the best surf spots in the world – if any of these sound fun, look no further. If they don’t sound fun, just come chill hard. Either way, you’ve come to the right trek…

Day 1 — Friday, Aug 18

Bienvenidos to Nicaragua! Arrive in Managua. We will transfer from Managua Airport to the beautiful city of Leon. Get settled in, relax. Once everyone gets checked in, we will have a get-to-know you dinner and welcome drinks out on the town. After a long day of traveling, you'll need to rest up for what awaits you in the week ahead!

Day 2 — Saturday, Aug 19

Just outside of Leon is the beautiful Juan Venado Wildlife Reserve. We will take boats around to see the wildlife reserve filled with mangroves, exotic birds and crocodiles and eat some local food. We will head back into Leon for lunch and an afternoon Rum Tour, where we sample todos los rums. Now that we’re feeling rested and a little warmed up (drunk) we’ll find the Rick’s equivalent because there’s no better way to get to know your fellow “future business leaders” than on the dance floor.

Day 3 — Sunday, Aug 20

Ever sand boarded down an active volcano before? No? Neither have we. But why not? We are heading over to Cerro Negro for an afternoon of sunshine and sand boarding. From there, we’ll head back into Leon for dinner, drinks, bonding time and liver damage.

Day 4 — Monday, Aug 21

It’s time to pack up and hit the road. We are headed to surfer’s paradise, San Juan Del Sur -- the best beach town in Nicaragua. On the way, we will make a stop at coffee plantation to get caffeinated for the rest of the day. If we’re up for it, we’ll get out and stretch our legs on Mombacho Volcano, one of 19 active volcanoes in Nicaragua. We will arrive in San Juan Del Sur in the early evening, take Snapchats of the sunset, and, probably, the sunrise.

Day 5 — Tuesday, Aug 22

Beach day! We will be getting our Blue Crush on in a group surf lesson in the morning, or you can hang out in the shade with Jeremy. Afternoon umbrella drinks will lead into Neon night beach party, a night you definitely won't forget.

Day 6 — Wednesday, Aug 23

We’re on a boat! After a night out on the town, nothing will feel better than some fresh air and open waters. The catamaran is all ours for the day for our own private sailing adventure -- drinks will flow like it’s a Skeeps bar tab.

Day 7 — Thursday, Aug 24

There will be plenty of time this morning for you to do you. Interested in snorkeling or diving? Talk to Matt and Rachel, they can probably be convinced (they will for sure be convinced). You can bet Molly and Jordan will be hitting the waves. Jer bear… well he’ll be holding down the fort somewhere along the beach. We will spend the night holding hands and watching the sunset. By now, we’re all best friends. We will all meet back in town to give a proper adios to our home away from home.

Day 8 — Friday, Aug 25

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to our little slice of paradise. But we are off to the city that some might call, the “Paris of Central America”, beautiful Granada. Oozing with colonial charm and friendly bartenders. We will arrive at our hotel and after we get checked in we will go on a tour of the town with plenty of time to visit, “Old Granada” and some of the local museums (bars).

Day 9 — Saturday, Aug 26

Because one boat adventure isn’t enough- we are taking a half day kayak tour out on beautiful Lake Nicaragua. We will come back to Granada where we will get a private local cuisine cooking class for dinner.

Day 10 — Sunday, Aug 27

We are heading to Ometepe Island to see more wildlife. We will then head back for a power nap so we can finish our day - and our Mtrek - on an incredible high note. After a glorious dinner, we will leave it all out on the dance floor one last time before returning to America.

Day 11 — Monday, Aug 28

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to Nicaragua-but we are heading back to beautiful Ann Arbor... STR (straight to Ricks).

Jeremy “Jer Bear” Egan

Jeremy will be in charge of nothing during the trip. Seriously, if you feel like doing nothing Jeremy is your guy. He’s not great at water, he’s not great on bikes but if you want to hang back and have fun, jer is your bear. Best known as the risky business drummer, Jer bear does have a fun side when it’s not hibernating. Don’t let those eyes that look like they are gems on the gates of heaven fool you, after a serious nap in the sand and a caffeine pill or two, Jeremy will likely be having the most fun of all of us.

Matt “Alley Bar” Weiss

Matt’s background is as nontraditional as they come. Seeking more out of life, Matt traded in being an underwater photographer, travel guide, and children’s book author, for statistics and accounting classes. No one knows why he’s here or if he is recruiting for anything, but this New Yorker knows how to have a good time. While he may not be the best dancer, you can always count on him to be the last one standing after a night of raging. His love for sharks is only matched by his love for Alley Bar, so count on Matt spending the trip trying to find the Nicaragua equivalent.

Molly “Sunshine” Hope

Molly = ☀️. We might get some rain during our trip, but it will always be sunshine when Molly is around. She is also our resident handy person, not just because the rest of us are dumb dumbs but because this vet is a bad ass and literally good at everything. She’ll be in charge of surfing and hiking and changing flat tires and really just keeping us alive. But don’t let this former prom queen’s smile fool you, Molly parties as much as she radiates warmth – especially on Thursday. Be forewarned, Thursday Molly will drink you under the table. Monday through Wednesday and Friday through Sunday Molly is the nicest human you will ever meet. But Thursday…. we warned you.

Rachel “madre” England

Rachel is our Miami born-Texas proud T.F.A (“Totally Up For Anything”) teacher. She is a master of corralling small children and juggling the highs and lows of all emotions, which let’s face it, will most likely be what she has to deal with in Nicaragua. “You know I don’t speak Spanish, Baxter” but Rachel does. Rachel will use her southern Texas charm and fluent espanol to get us out of any bad trouble and into good trouble. Rachel loves sunshine, college gameday, country music and avocado toast. Any dancefloors in Nicaragua will be dominated by all 5 feet of Rachel.

Jordan “Hot Abuelo” Kabbani

Jordan is a product of New Orleans having gone to undergrad in Tulane. Nobody has ever said “Jordan – now that guy’s boring”. The Midwest and old age has begun to tame him some, but chances are Mardi Gras Jordan will show up in full force in Nicaragua. Also if you sign up for this trip, you are committing to help the rest of us make sure he doesn’t fall off any boats. Jordan likes his karaoke loud, his rum warm, and his pivot tables full of data. When he’s not crunching numbers, he can usually be found dancing on top of the bus and then not going to the game or rewatching episodes of Westwing (wanna cheer him up – ask him about CJ).