Tapas, Tan Lines, and Fiestas! Brace Yourselves for Barcelona

Trip Region: Europe
Country(ies): Barcelona - Costa Brava
Partners Trek? Yes
Cost: $1899
Airfare Estimate: $900
Structure:   •   Lodging:   •   Nightlife: 4   •   Activity: 3

Trek Description:

Embark on an unforgettable tour of Barcelona, a city where every corner tells a story and every street hums with the buzz of life. This journey weaves through the heart of Catalan culture as you glide above the city on the Barcelona Cable Car, discover the architectural wonders of the Sagrada Familia, and lose yourself in the medieval mazes of the Gothic Quarter. Day trips out to see the sights of Girona and Costa Brava will ensure plenty of picture-perfect moments, especially during your scenic cruise to the Medes Islands and Roca Foradada! At night get ready to hit some of the world’s finest nightclubs!

This trip promises a deep dive into the vibrancy, heritage, and spirited life of Spain. Don’t miss out — book now to secure your spot!

Please note: The weather is likely to be hot and sunny during your stay so adequate sun protection (sun cream, hat, sunglasses) is highly recommended!

Day 1 — Saturday, Aug 19


Matt Alrutz

Hometown: Paoli, PA
Undergrad: Penn State
Pre-MBA life: Supply chain consulting at Deloitte
Post-MBA plans: Most likely back where I started, supply chain consulting at Deloitte!

Why should you join my trek?
Aside from sharing your “When I was in Spain…” stories during networking events at Aventura? On this trip you’ll get to explore Barcelona’s beautiful architecture in the morning, sip coffee on La Rambla in the afternoon, and party in a beachside discoteca at night. You’ll get the right mix of history, sunshine, paella, and partying.
Some of you may be thinking, “I’ve been to Barcelona before” – but you’ve never gone with 25+ of your future MBA best friends! Get to know them in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, exploring Barcelona’s culture, food (did I mention paella?) and nightlife.

Diego Luna

Hometown: Lima, Peru
Undergrad: PUCP
Pre-MBA life: Construction / Energy
Post-MBA plans: Consulting

Why should you join my trek?
Join us on our Barcelona adventure, where the streets are full of life and energy, like a flamenco dancer after a glass of sangria! Explore Barcelona’s nightlife, taste the authentic tapas and paella, and wander through Antoni Gaudi’s surreal creations. Witness amazing street performances that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Get ready, put on your shoes, grab a drink, and let’s make this the best Ross MBA adventure before classes start!
If you are still not convinced, my co-trek leaders and I have put together an itinerary that has the perfect balance between food, history, excitement, nightlife and even a BOAT. Brace yourself for an extraordinary experience that will linger in your memories for years to come!

Mo Fakhreddine

Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon / Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad: USC
Pre-MBA life: Construction
Post-MBA plans: Consulting with Oliver Wyman – CHICAGO! (or LA? who knows)

Why should you join my trek?
Already stressing about which trek to go on? Let’s keep it simple: join the finest MBA2s on the ultimate Barcelona blast! Picture this: stunning Mediterranean vibes, endless tapas (and sangrias all the wayyy), and world’s best nightlife.
Get hyped, pick Barcelona, let’s make some epic friendships and sip liquid IV to cure our hangovers together. We can’t wait to meet you all.

BYOFS (Bring your own flaming sunglasses)

Kyle Sinno

Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey
Undergrad: GMU
Pre-MBA life: Cloud Consulting
Post-MBA plans: Product Manager at American Express

Why should you join my trek?
Hey there, future MBA1s! Ever heard of the term “action based learning”? Well, forget about that, because with us, you’ll be learning through sangrias and tapas in the heart of Barcelona! Join us as we blend the perfect concoction of business acumen, cultural exploration, and unforgettable experiences! From mastering the art of networking over sangrias to perfecting your negotiation skills while haggling for souvenirs, this trip is the ultimate MBA boot camp with a side of sunshine and tapas. Trust us, after a week with us, you’ll be ready to tackle any boardroom… or beach party!