Turn Down for WAT

Trip Region: Southeast Asia
Country(ies): Cambodia & Singapore
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $1935
Airfare Estimate: $1400
Nightlife: 3   •   Activity: 3

We could not be more excited to be leading a group of daring and dashing MBA1s to Cambodia and Singapore! We have put together a trip that captures Southeastern Asian culture and cuisine with what we believe is the ideal combination of adventuring, sight-seeing, relaxing, imbibing and psyching yourself up for the most incredible time of your life: the next two years at Ross.

In planning this trip, we often wondered why there wasn’t a rating option for Instagram. Let us help you with that: this trip is 4/4 Instagrams, 4 sure! Come on this trip, leverage a few hashtags to get those likes, see some stuff, and spend enough time at roofdeck infinity pools to last a lifetime. JOKING. A whole lifetime at an infinity pool wouldn’t be long enough. Get Ready to Turn Down for WAT!

Day 1 — Friday, Aug 18

Guys… MTREK is finally here! Jessie has sent you a detailed packing list, so you are feeling the most relaxed you have ever been in your life. Which is awesome! You have a long trip ahead. Get out that eye mask, download those movies, earn those miles. Before you know it, you will be in Cambodia!

Day 2 — Saturday, Aug 19

*~*sTiLl oN tHe PlAnE*~* (AND LOVING IT). Pro tip: get Spotify’s Billboard Top 100 Hits of 2002 playlist. It is truly transcendant.

Day 3 — Sunday, Aug 20

You’ve made it to Cambodia! #HI Life has never been better. You join your Mtrek fam for a drink at the pool, take a nap, explore Siem Reap… TREAT YOURSELF 2017. As the sun sets, we venture into town for a private cooking class and a nightcap. Carolina, our personal food and alcohol expert, talks a big game and is the first one in bed. The trip is young yet, so we forgive her.

Day 4 — Monday, Aug 21

Who needs Legends of the Hidden Temple? This is the real deal y’all. We spend the day visiting the amazing temples of Angkor, including Angkor Wat of Turn Down for WAT fame. After a full day of exploration, we head into town for a well-deserved meal and an Angkor Beer. By day 4, you’re starting to wonder if Ali will actually color coordinate his shoes with his outfit for the rest of the trip. He promises not to let you down.

Day 5 — Tuesday, Aug 22

On our last day in Siem Reap, we head to the countryside to explore Kball Spean. Along the way we stop to learn more about Cambodian agriculture and sample some local snacks (read: CANDY). Next we’re off for a jungle hike to the River of a Thousand Lingas. Need motivation to get to the top of the mountain? After our hike, we head to the Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity – home to animals rescued from illegal trafficking – and hang out with some cute friends! Jared loves the animals so much we leave him there. Oh well! It was nice knowin’ ya. One more temple, just to be sure we really saw some temples, and back to Siem Reap for massages, dinner and a Tiger.

Day 6 — Wednesday, Aug 23

Off to to Phnom Penh! We’ll drop our things off at the hotel and spend the afternoon on a cyclo tour of some gorgeous palaces and pagodas. Jessie not-so-secretly believes she is the queen of the trek, so being in a palace just feels oh-so-right. Back to the hotel for a sunset drink and dip at our hotel’s roofdeck infinity pool.

Day 7 — Thursday, Aug 24

We’ll spend the morning digging deeper into Cambodian history. After soaking in our last few hours of Cambodian sight-seeing, we retreat to the hotel for the afternoon to enjoy the sun and pool followed by a night on the town. It’s our last night in Cambodia, so we turn UP for WAT one last time.

Day 8 — Friday, Aug 25

SingaPOUR IT UP: we’ve made it to Singapore. Jared may or may not still be in Cambodia, but wherever he is, he’s loving it. And we love him for that. By now, you have caught onto our secret. We LOVE roofdeck infinity pools. You’re welcome. The leaders have planned a special evening for our first night in Singapore: bathing suits optional, A-game required.

Day 9 — Saturday, Aug 26

After making some memories on our first night in Singapore, you’re ready to see the city. Great news! That’s the plan. After breakfast at our hotel, we’ll head into the city with our tour guide for a half day of sight seeing, food tasting and mingling with the locals. Everyone spends the afternoon doing what makes them happy. Maybe you’re headed back to the infinity pool, maybe you’re staying in the city, maybe despite our efforts to feed you every 2 hours you’re headed back to Chinatown for more food. Live your dreams people… live your dreams. We eventually all meet back at the hotel and get cute to go out. Ali has been waiting for this moment ever since his MBA1 Mtrek flights to Thailand were canceled and he never made it. We can’t let him down, so you find a way to rally.

Day 10 — Sunday, Aug 27

It’s our last full day in Singapore. Jessie and Carolina can’t believe the trip is coming to an end, but great news! They’ve purchased friendship rings for everyone. You’re… very excited about it. One more morning of touring Singapore, and we’ve saved the best for last. We’ll take in the magnificent view from atop the Singapore Flyer, visit the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest at Gardens by The Bay (it’s magical as it sounds) and reminisce about when we used to have salaries at the incomparable Marina Bay Sands. You are ready to call it a quits, but Jared and Ali give a speech that could inspire legions. It’s our last night in Asia, and we mean business. After an afternoon of #treatingyourself, we gather for one last night on the town. Jessie tries to go to sleep, but Carolina rescues her from a fate worse than missing a 60 degree day in Ann Arbor: missing the last night in Singapore.

Day 11 — Monday, Aug 28

We’re not sure how, but the trip has come to an end. You may or may not have everything you came with, but you’re leaving with so much more: lifelong friendships, enough Instagram-able #TBT photos to last through Fall A and B, and a newfound appreciation for all of the incredible cultures we experienced in Cambodia and Singapore. The flight ahead is long, but you fall asleep with a smile: best Mtrek ever!

Day 12 — Tuesday, Aug 29

*~*sTiLl oN tHe PlAnE*~* LOL we went to Asia. SEE YOU IN ANN ARBOR!

Ali “Mr. Wonderful” Saleh

Ali was convinced by Jared to help lead this trek because he was promised $5 Rolex knockoffs and prime restructuring rates on his student loans. Ali is probably best known for only having two outfits when at Ross: business professional or gym clothes where the beanie, top, and shoes always match. Don’t let the extreme dress codes trick you. This So-Cal kid is so well-versed in fashion that he is always in flip-flops. Ali can often be found at the Detroit airport during the winter, either trying to escape the cold and get back to failing at shredding some waves in the California sunshine or taking a trip to Las Vegas because that’s the right thing to do. When Ali is in Ann Arbor, you can find him out on a sticky dance floor at one of the classiest low-rated bars the town has to offer. Ali is excited to meet the incoming class of 2019, instill his knowledge that sleep is a waste of time in grad school, and find some early morning grub spots in Southeast Asia with the most adventurous team.

Carolina “STR” Madrid

Carolina fell in love with Southeast Asia when she embarked on her Mtrek to Vietnam as an MBA1. She found love in a hopeless place (garbage water in Halong Bay to be exact) with her bestie Jessie Babe and bonded through their sarcastic sense of humor and love of undeserved rice and chili paste. Upon getting friendship rings at an oyster farm, they vowed then and there to lead the most epic trek back to Asia for a chosen group of MBA1s in their second year. A former engineer, Carolina came to Ross looking to up her street cred and pivot into a consulting career, and will be spending the summer figuring out what kind of hot mess she’s gotten herself into. During her free time, she can be found running aimlessly around Ann Arbor or partaking in the literal hot mess that is Bikram yoga. Come nighttime though, let’s be real: it’s STR (Straight to Rick’s) for this girl. Coffee fuels her existence, so if you catch her before she’s had her first cup of the day, you might be disappointed with the caliber of interaction (fair warning). Beyond all of this, her favorite part of traveling is exploring what the local food scene has to offer, so count on her to engage in any and all of your dining desires while abroad.

Jared “idkmybffjill” Ruff

When he’s not trying to look cool in the Winter Garden, Jared can usually be found correcting people on how to pronounce “finance” or at Rick’s trying to relive his glory days as a wannabe frat star.  This former Terp spent his professional formative years working in Baltimore as an auditor, single-handedly protecting the integrity of the capital markets while somehow keeping food on the table for himself.  This summer in Los Angeles it’s going to be straight bottles (of Kombucha) and models (of the financial variety) for Jared, as he’ll be interning in investment banking.  Finally, after spending 10 weeks in SE Asia last summer, Jared is truly a battle-tested veteran.  You can, of course, expect him to provide zero insight and bring absolutely no value to our trip whatsoever.

Jessie “Babe” Mark

Jessie came to the Ross School of Business to star in the Risky Business Rock Band, where she is known more for her ability to banter on stage than her singing abilities. Before coming to Ross, Jessie worked in media investment in New York for five years where she somehow acquired more black clothing than any human would need for any reason or occasion. Jessie “Babe” earned her nickname by using this term of endearment with everyone she loves (read: everyone she knows), so you can expect to leave Asia with this terrible habit – just ask Carolina Babe. In addition to negotiating for luxury accommodations for our trip, Jessie’s other hobbies include applying sunscreen, flying United and heart-ing messages on GroupMe.