Aniket Bhatia

Hometown: Mumbai, India
Undergrad: Chartered accountant (US CPA Equiv)
Pre-MBA life: Venture Capital
Post-MBA plans: Consulting (i guess)

Why should you join my trek?
In my previous life, i made fancy presentations and yapped on zoom calls for a living. then, came the transformative business school experience. Now, i aspire to probably do more of the same but hey at least i will now wear Patagonia, sip overprized cocktails and drink from that Stanley cup i dont need. Here’s the lowdown – I pretend (& fail) to understand wine, cheese and jazz, truly believe (falsely) that i am funny and am always ready to order shots for the table. I am not an expert on much, but i sure know how to bring the vibes. here’s the deal (and yes, i think this is legally binding): I promise this trip will be the absolute highlight of your first year (or so we hope?) Imagine crystal-clear waters, cocktails that keep coming, and snaps that’ll make your friends double-tap with envy (or sign up for GMAT). We’re talking sun-soaked beaches, tequila shots at sunset, memories that are a little fuzzy, and friendships that’ll last a lifetime. Pack your bags, grab your shades and get ready for the only orientation you need before year 1. Cant wait to see you there, its gonna be EPIC. K bye