Jacinta Onu

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Undergrad: University of Liverpool
Pre-MBA life: The non-profit struggle bus
Post-MBA plans: Corporate law

Why should you join my trek?
Hey there! I might be a JD/MBA combo, but don’t worry—the law students haven’t taught me how to kill the party vibe; they’ve only shown me how to argue better at the bar! And by argue, I mean convincing you why you absolutely need one more drink. 😄 I’m all about bringing the good vibes and being ridiculously prepared. Picture this: you’re in the club, it’s hotter than a courtroom under cross-examination, and you’re dancing up a storm. Just when you think you might melt, who’s there with a trusty fan? Yep, that’s me—saving the day, one cool breeze at a time. So, if you’re looking for fun, flair, and a little legal humor on the side, I’m your ticket to a fantastic trek experience. Let’s make some memories that are more thrilling than a last-minute courtroom twist!