Marlowe Camblin

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Undergrad: Santa Clara University
Pre-MBA life: Retail Buyer
Post-MBA plans: Consulting

Why should you join my trek?

If you <3 having fun in the sun and sipping daiquiris with your pals then you need to come to Belize! Get caught up on all of your Zillennial slang with me before you mingle (unwillingly) with the undergrads at Skeeps. Before I go on, do you already have decision fatigue trying to choose THE perfect trek for you? First of all - welcome to business school because this ish is exhausting. Allow me to put your mind at ease. We really really wanted to make this trip easy and affordable, because why make life any harder than it has to be? Most importantly - it’s going to be freaking SWEET! Like effortless good vibes OK? We’re gonna live it up and LOL and obviously #slay at the beach club. Plus I loooove organization so I can be your personal travel agent 🙂 Kick start your Ross experience with MBA2s who are already so excited to meet you and welcome you to the best aspect this program has to offer: our community. What are you waiting for, beaches?!!?!