Raam Charran

Hometown: Chennai, India

Undergrad: BITS Goa

Pre-MBA life: Investment Banking, Social Impact

Post-MBA plans: FinTech

Why should you join my trek?

This isn’t just a trek, it’s a perfectly blended cocktail of adventure, relaxation, and camaraderie. By day, you’ll be captivated by Bolivia’s diverse landscapes, from the bustling streets of La Paz to the mesmerizing tranquility of the Uyuni salt flats. The country’s terrain provides a thrilling backdrop for hikes that will challenge and inspire you. As dusk descends, the adventure shifts from trails to tales shared over local brews, under the star-studded Bolivian sky. It’s an opportunity to unwind, connect, and create lasting friendships that will extend far beyond your MBA journey. This trek is not just about seeing a new part of the world, it’s about building experiences and relationships that will enrich your B-school years and beyond. So, are you ready to create unforgettable memories in Bolivia?