Samir Syed

Hometown: Austin, TX
Undergrad: Texas A&M University
Pre-MBA life: Accounting and Finance
Post-MBA plans: Consulting / Early Retirement

Why should you join this Trek:

If you are seeking a “healthy” “balance” of the beautiful Swiss Alps, (many) mountain beers, learning about the finest cheese and chocolates in the world, and executing a 3:32 AM McDonald’s DoorDash order overseas – this is probably the trip for you.

Can Promise: The beginning of all your followers asking “what do you even do at business school?” and early-access to an elite group of MBA2s and partners that will make you seem far more social during the first couple Skeeps. Also airport beers.

Cannot Promise: Good influences, early bedtimes, or that Pavel won’t ask when the hotel gym opens several times throughout the trip.

Also my girlfriend and official Ross partner Sarah is coming – she’s cooler than me and has more friends at Ross than I do