MTrek Trips 2015

Trek Name Region Countries Partners
Nightlife Activity
Thai and Stop Us…From Raging! Southeast Asia Thailand No 4 2
Ken-Ya Handle the (Zanzi) Bar? Sub-Saharan Africa Kenya & Zanzibar No 2 3
Ballin’ in the Balkans Eastern Europe Serbia, Bosnia, & Croatia No 4 1
The Zimtastic Experience Extraordinaire Sub-Saharan Africa Zimbabwe No 2 3
Peru-sing the Tinder Scene South America Peru No 3 2
No More Embar…GO BLUE! Central America Cuba No 3 2
Pour Some Porto on Me! Western Europe Portugal No 4 1
Show Me Your Titicacas South America Bolivia No 3 2
Brazilian Paraty South America Brazil No 3 3
Moroc the Casbah Middle East and North Africa Morocco No 3 3
Duck Duck Zeus Western Europe Greece No 3 2
MBA-RAGING-ASIA…Malaysia! Southeast Asia Malaysia No 3 3
Thank You Sir, KIMCHI Have Some More Southeast Asia South Korea No 3 2
Slavvy Seconds Eastern Europe Bulgaria & Romania No 2 2
BAMFs in BANFF Canada Canada No 2 4
It Takes Ross to Tango! South America Argentina No 3 3
MYSTERY 3.0: Return of the RaGeRS MYSTERY MYSTERY No 4 1
ALPINE-ing for a GOOD TIME Western Europe Italy No 3 3
Beautiful. Adventurous. Luxurious. Incredible. Southeast Asia Bali No 2 3
All Treks Lead to Rome Western Europe Italy No 3 2
Best Friends Pho Ever Southeast Asia Vietnam No 3 2
Drop it to a Split Eastern Europe Croatia & Montenegro Yes 3 2
The Best Worst Decision You Can Make Middle East and North Africa Morocco & Portugal No 4 2
Prague and Rally Eastern Europe Germany & Czech Republic No 3 1
Shish Kebaby One More Time Western & Central Asia Turkey No 3 2
Ice Ice (M)BAby Western Europe Iceland No 3 3
GalapaGOs BLUE! South America Ecuador Yes 2 4
Rick’s-aragua Central America Nicaragua No 4 3
Edward Fjord-y-hands Western Europe Norway & Sweden No 3 3
Each trip is rated by its leaders on a 1-10 scale for nightlife and physical activity as follows:
  • 1: Dry Trip, no activities around drinking
  • 5: Moderate drinking activities (i.e. a few nights out, or a few glasses of wine most days)
  • 10: Tons of drinking activities (i.e. booze cruise, wine tour, brewery tours, etc.)
  • 1: Focus on leisure activities (beaches, arts, etc.)
  • 5: A few moderately physical activities (e.g. hiking for 2-3 days)
  • 10: Daily biking, hiking, rafting, rock climbing, etc.