All Treks Lead to Rome

Trip Region: Western Europe
Country(ies): Italy
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $1888
Airfare Estimate: $1500
Nightlife: 3   •   Activity: 2

You’re embarking on the adventure of a lifetime: Getting your MBA! What better way to start that adventure off than strolling through the Italian Riviera, sampling world-famous Italian cuisine, seeing the art of the Italian rennaissance, and exploring the monuments of Ancient Rome? This trek is all about food, culture, and beauty – if your idea of a fun night is a bottle of wine with friends, this is a the trek for you!

Day 1 — Saturday, Aug 29

Milan Arrival: Meet your fellow trekkers while exploring castles, opera houses, and the first of many (many) churches. Then get ready to ring in your new life as an MBA with Milan's most famous attraction: PARTYING!

Day 2 — Sunday, Aug 30

Cinque Terre: We'll start with a three hour train ride to recover from last night's partying, which is good because it's all up-hill from here. Literally. We'll spend our afternoon hiking through one of Italy's most scenic regions, Cinque Terre, and enjoying the rustic Italian countryside. That night, we'll have a bonfire by the beach and enjoy a traditional Italian dinner!

Day 3 — Monday, Aug 31

Cinque Terre: There's no such thing as too much time in Cinque Terre! Today will be all about beautiful beaches, boat rides, and amazing food with awesome people.

Day 4 — Tuesday, Sep 01

Florence: Time for some culture! We'll hop on the train to Florence, and spend the afternoon taking in the sights of one of Italy's most beautiful cities. More paintings, sculptures, and statues than you can shake a stick at!

Day 5 — Wednesday, Sep 02

Florence and Tuscany: Get ready to get your hands dirty and do some thinking! We can't tell you what we're doing today, but it may help prepare you for those late nights working Ops problem sets…

Day 6 — Thursday, Sep 03

Tuscany and Rome: After short stops in Siena and Montepulciano to experience Italy's Medieval side, this trek is (finally) headed for Rome! Get ready for shopping and sampling Rome's legendary nightlife!

Day 7 — Friday, Sep 04

Rome: Don't worry about the hangover - today's all private bus all the way! We'll see a number of the ancient sights of Rome, from the Colloseum to the Pantheon!

Day 8 — Saturday, Sep 05

Rome: Surprise second country for the trip! Our last day in Rome will include a visit to the Vatican City (including the Sistene Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica)! Also on the itinerary: More shopping, and maybe a little more sightseeing! Tonight will also feature our farewell dinner, where Francesco will discover the true meaning of friendship and tears will be shed by all!

Day 9 — Sunday, Sep 06

Rome Departure: Everyone heads for the airport. Last one out of the country has to do Emery's case write-ups for Fall Quarter!

Nibha “Neon” Parihar

Born and raised in the heart of Bombay(India), this Neon baby has travelled across continents to find the answers to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything (No, it is not 42. Keep reading for the answer). After completing her Masters in the UK, she danced her way to Ross to enlighten us on various “European” cultural references (Hint hint). When not eating or sleeping, our award-winning “Couch Potato” (there really was an award in this category) can be found breaking the dance floor (literally!!!). Bring this livewire a Jaeger Bomb and a neon wig, she will be your best friend. Feel free to pick her brains about her lessons from the first year which include how to end up in the hospital in Fall A, how to get better grades by dancing with the professor’s wife, how to rock neon themed parties, how not to lose things at NECTO nightclub (thrice) and how the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life is 4 (because that’s how many Jagerbombs it takes to get her drunk). She also comes with a disclaimer: her bubbly face and cheerful smile are infectious!

Sarthak "Shark" Sharma

The mysterious Shark (as he is known on the beaches of Italy) pretends to be an engineer born and raised in India. About the former we are sure it’s a lie, about the latter we are still trying to figure it out. The only thing we know for sure about him is that he spent years slaughtering small animals somewhere in the Indian subcontinent, managing then (through bribery? faking documents? who knows) to be accepted in UMich MBA. A travel enthusiast (having visited 12 countries), he is renown for his ability to mimic any accent or manerism of an earthly mammal incluing professors and classmates. A case competition whiz and consulting pro – he declares he can solve the bankruptcy issue facing the country of Italy and he will try to do so during our trip. You can count on him for any issues regarding excessive drinking and indecent exposure, but feel free to ask him any other question. He will at least pretend to be able to answer.

Emery "Zoidberg" Volz

After years living abroad, Emery has developed a deep and nuanced knowledge of foreign cultures and peoples. Unfortunately, none of his experience applies to Italy, so he’s mostly taking a back seat on this one. Emery does have a wealth of nerdy pop culture knowledge, though, and he used to be an EMT. I guess that means he’s in charge of first aid? Remember, kids – alcohol kills germs!

Francesco "Grampa" Rocchi

Francesco “Grampa” Rocchi specializes in film and literature. He remembers a simpler time, one where people enjoyed the company of others and the outdoors. Ask him about Shakespeare, RomCom classics, and fondue. As your guide, you can count on him to incorporate literary references to a cultural tour of Italy. Get ready to get your nerd on.