Trip Region: Canada
Country(ies): Canada
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $1800
Airfare Estimate: $600
Nightlife: 2   •   Activity: 4

Do you love the great outdoors? Then this is definitely THE Mtrek for you. This trip will take you hiking through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Banff National Park and Alberta’s Kananaskis Country. We’ll warm-up with day-hikes through amazing mountain scenery, exploring turquoise lakes and massive glaciers while returning to the cozy towns of Banff and Canmore each night. The second leg of our journey is a hike across the Wapta Icefields, a series of gentle icefields that stretch for miles across the Great Divide of the Canadian Rockies. We’ll stay in well-equiped alpine huts en-route like true mountaineers and guided by experts who’ll show us this complex and majestic environment up close. The trek will end with a day to explore the city of Calgary. So, if you want to be immersed in natural wonder and burn a couple thousand calories join us on this unforgettable journey!

Day 1 — Friday, Aug 28

Depart Ann Arbor for Calgary. Arrive in Calgary and immediately transfer to town of Banff

Day 2 — Saturday, Aug 29

Meet up with guides and start of the first day-hike that will take us through the Banff area. We'll visit great sites like Cory and Edith Pass, Aylmer Lookout, Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass, Healy Pass, and Stanley Glacier. After the day-hike we'll return to Banff for dinner and fun in town.

Day 3 — Sunday, Aug 30

The second day of day hikes will be through the Canmore/Kananaskis Area which includes hiking to the Ha-Ling Peak, Grassi Lakes, Yamnuska Shoulder, Chester Lake, Highwood Pass. The day will end with dinner and relaxing back in Banff.

Day 4 — Monday, Aug 31

Today's activities will include rock climbing (real rocks, and none of that amateurish climbing wall stuff) and some free exploration of the area's endless natural beauty. At the end of the day, we will be moving to the neighboring town of Canmore for the start of our ice hike the next day.

Day 5 — Tuesday, Sep 01

This will be the first day of our Wapta Ice Hike. This leg of the trek will take us through a series of vast but gentle ice fields that stretch for miles across the Great Divide of the Canadian Rockies. Standing on an ice field is like being on the ocean where you'll quickly get a sense for the vastness of the glacier. Jagged peaks pop out of the ice to stand 10,000 plus feet above sea level adding to the surreal experience. We will spend the night at Bow Hut, located right on the shoulder of the Bow Glacier. Located at 2350m the hut has magnificent views of the surrounding peaks and glaciers.

Day 6 — Wednesday, Sep 02

The second day of the ice hike will be mostly downhill as we make our way down Bow Glacier to arrive at the flat expanse of the Wapta Ice Field. We will be hiking on the glacier wearing harnesses and roped to each other for maximum safety and maximum group bonding! We'll spend the night at Peyto Hut, which is located in a fantastic spot that give us panoramic views of the surrounding glaciated peaks.

Day 7 — Thursday, Sep 03

On the final day of the ice hike we will descend off of the Peyto Glacier. This route will give us the unique chance to see the effects of global warming first hand as the glacier is in full retreat. Our trek today will end at the turquoise Peyto Lake. We will return to Canmore and spend the night in town.

Day 8 — Friday, Sep 04

Today we'll move to the city of Calgary for our final day. We can explore the city and get some much deserved raging in during the evening.

Day 9 — Saturday, Sep 05

Travel back to Ann Arbor

Ken "Smoked Beef" Zhang

When he isn’t sleeping in (or skipping) class, you can easily find Ken taking a smoke break outside Ross. Whether it’s 80 degrees or negative 20, there’s probably nothing that is nearly as therapeutic for him. The regular core classes are too easy for this finance guru who is on the fast-track to raking in the some serious $$$ as a future banker. If you’re unsure of how to make him happy on the trek or back in AA, buy him a beef-heavy meal and the world will be perfect again. Ken’s alcohol allergy hasn’t stopped him from enjoying a beer or two or three or four and we’re all still pretty confused about this odd ‘allergy’.

If you thought Ann Arbor isn’t the place for convertibles you’ve got to hitch a ride in his sweet ride and cruise down State St. Oh, and if you’re worried about injuring yourself on the trek you have nothing to fear because Ken has exclusive access to Dragon Tears and Phoenix Feathers that can fix-up anything from cuts and bruises to headaches and heartaches. From Beijing to Banff, Ken will always be a BAMF.

Brianna "Radioshack" Brazell

Bri will, without doubt, be the most athletic and healthy person on this trek. She is a vegan and an avid runner and mountaineer. As an experienced outdoor girl, she will be carrying her first aid kit and make sure you get to back from the Rockies in one piece. And don’t be surprised if you run into her during an early morning jog in Ann Arbor, cause she also brought her passion for running to Ross as a member of the Ross Running and Fitness Club.

If you start talking with this girl, you will soon find out she is the most warm-hearted person on earth. Her house at one time accommodated various animals from a cat to a rabbit. Her passion for social impact makes her the perfect co-president of Ross Net Impact next year.

Peiyi "Poppin Peiyi" Chen

Peiyi may have a kind face and a gentle demeanor, but don’t be fooled by this facade – There is not a bigger badass this side of the Detroit River. In addition to her reputation as a rising star in the case competition circuit, Peiyi is regarded as Ann Arbor’s resident hamburger connoisseur. In her spare time Peiyi has mastered English, Chinese and Japanese, but I’m sure she’ll make time to learn a hard language one of these days… A true road warrior, Peiyi never says no to a challenge and never leaves a fellow trekker behind.

Puneet "Punique" Goenka

When Puneet is not traversing the world to visit yet another UNESCO World Heritage site, he’s a social entrepenuer making the world a better place….which he secretly hopes will create more UNESCO sites. Puneet’s calm, easy going demeaner and quick smile will keep the group happyily trekking. But don’t be fooled – this tall Michigan-man will party with the best of them ’til the wee hours of the morning, or until the flight home leaves (there’s no law against being sick at the airport right?) ‘Neet can often be found surrounded by ladies in the Winter Garden extolling the virtues of makiing a social impact, emerging markets and icecream. Splitting his time between Ann Arbor and Bombay, this vegetarian is so hot right now that a real-life queen moved in across the street from him in India hoping for a glimpse.

Jason "Young Money" Park

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Now he knows how to win the best dressing prize with only a nylon jacket and he went on a naked run around AA after the Patroits won the Super Bowl. This operations guy is amazing and super productive when he’s running at full capacity, but you have to wake him up at 12pm otherwise you’ll never see him. But don’t worry, Jason is going take good care of you during the trek and tell you all his unveiled stories while having a cigarette in hand.