Go Blue, But First the Red or the White?

Trip Region: Europe
Country(ies): Italy
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $3049
Airfare Estimate: $1300
Nightlife: 7   •   Activity: 6

You’ve made some important decisions recently. Where do I go to business school? What should I recruit for? Do I liquidate my savings to buy a Canada Goose jacket for the Michigan winters? We’re excited to present you with the easiest one of them all: Where should I go on MTrek? The answer is unequivocally Italy. Your seven fearless trek leaders all met a year ago on their trip to the French Riviera, where they became BFFs after day-long wine adventures, cliff jumping, and baguettes. Since, they have been working tirelessly to prepare an itinerary to Italy this year filled with wine, beaches, culture, wine, and some fantastic Italian food. So if clubbing in Milan, booze cruising on Lake Como, working on your tan-line on the beaches of Portofino, and drinking all of the wine in Chianti sounds like the greatest pregame to business school ever, we can’t wait to see you in August.

Travel Day — Sunday, Aug 19

Finally. Today's the day! Pack your bags, it's time to go on a trip of a lifetime. Important items to include will be Italian designer sunglasses, pizza spatulas, and prescription sunscreen for Ben and Sam. If you're banking on finding your rich Italian soulmate and staying in Italy forever, we recommend bringing most belongings.

Day 1 — Monday, Aug 20

Benvenuto a Italia! Don’t bother looking that up in the Duolingo app you downloaded at the airport, we got you. No, we don’t speak Italian, but we’ve prepared the trip of a lifetime with people that do. Once we’re settled in Milan, we’ll have an instagrammable family dinner to show your parents followed by a snapchat-worthy evening to make all your frenemies at home jealous. First b-school assignment: start thinking of hashtags now.

Day 2 — Tuesday, Aug 21

Today, we’ll get in a whole lot of *~cUlTuRaL pRoGrAmMiNg~* as we explore the canals, the art, and Sam’s hangover. We’ll also make some solid progress towards our carb bods with the local cuisine and wine. So much wine. In the afternoon, we’ll be free to explore the city. Mitch will likely be schmoozing with Italian ladies, Stef and Julie will probably bop around Milan’s fashion scene, while Ben will be taking a nap. You do you. Later in the evening, we’ll be putting on our fancy pants and hitting the town.

Day 3 — Wednesday, Aug 22

What do George Clooney, Madonna, Donatella Versace, Sting, and Sir Richard Branson have in common? They’re all joining us today!!! ...No, just kidding, but they’ve graciously agreed to lend us their homes on Lake Como. Well... that piece is still in the works, but we will be heading to gorgeous Lake Como for a private boat cruise. Then, for dinner, we’ll head to a lakeside town called Bellagio. No, it’s not like the casino, but Liam will probably still double his signing bonus playing blackjack.

Day 4 — Thursday, Aug 23

According to our trip coordinators, today will be another day to explore Italy’s culture, specifically by heading to the beaches of Lido Orsa Maggiore, umbrella, sun-bed, shower service, and wake-boarding lesson included. Cue Lil’ Jon’s YEAAA-YUH. We’ll conclude the evening with some very mature, adult drinking games mostly involving cards and all of your deepest, darkest secrets.

Day 5 — Friday, Aug 24

Today, things stop being polite and start getting real. We’re going off on an adventure with some surprise extreme sport action. Will we free climb mountains? Scale glaciers? Dive into canyons? Swim into deep-sea caves with sharks circling? (spoiler alert: we did that last year.) You will have to wait to find out! Sound terrifying? No worries, it can’t be TOO crazy -- our travel insurance only goes so far. And if there’s one thing you can be sure of, Alex will be there to literally save your life. Later in the evening, we’ll share a well-earned dinner and reflect on the day’s harrowing experiences with wine. So much wine. Did we mention there’s wine in Italy?

Day 6 — Saturday, Aug 25

After our brush with danger, we will now resume our regularly scheduled lavish programming with a private car ride to the Italian Riviera! The land of pesto, truffles, and focaccia. The coasts are so scenic, it’ll make you reconsider your life’s plan to go to school, get a job in consulting, get promoted to manager, get a house with a yard in the suburbs, etc. etc. We’ll have the afternoon free, so if you can hit the beach if you didn’t get enough in Lake Como. Mitch will probably be there and you can be sure his painfully short swim shorts were bought from a targeted ad. If napping is more your thing, that’s cool too. That night, we’ll hit up the wild nightlife scene in Santa Margherita.

Day 7 — Sunday, Aug 26

Second b-school assignment: Search “Cinque Terre” on Google Images. Today we’ll travel to this glorious place and get some much needed exercise walking up the steps to the cliffs. Much to Alex’s disappointment, cars were banned here over a decade ago. On the plus side, that means we don’t have to deal with Uber surges. At night we’ll head back to Santa Margherita for dinner and (more) dranks.

Day 8 — Monday, Aug 27

Ok, so here’s where things start to get cray. If the friends you’ve left behind at home still aren’t jealous of the insta stories you’ve posted the last few days, prepare to lose your social media dignity. Golden chariots (aka coach buses) shall be awaiting to whisk us away to the glorious land of Tuscany. Before we check-in to our PRIVATE VILLA, we’ll tour the sh*t out of Siena, a beautiful medieval city. Here, we’ll probably see some ~*cUlTuRe*~ before returning to our PRIVATE VILLA to indulge in a private cooking class. Also, we have a PRIVATE VILLA. Can’t remember if we mentioned that already.

Day 9 — Tuesday, Aug 28

Last summer, your fearless leaders fell in love on a day-long wine tasting in the South of France. We’re keeping that spark alive and heading out from our PRIVATE VILLA on a PRIVATE BUS to visit wineries. We’ll taste sips of Chianti and Montepulciano, we’ll admire the tannens, we’ll smell notes of florals and cherries, and it will be effing lovely. You think that sounds good? It gets better! We’ll also enjoy lunch and taste olive oil! We’ll cap off an incredible last day with a family dinner cooked by a chef. Is this an episode of the Bachelor? Maybe.

Departure Day — Wednesday, Aug 29

*Cue “Graduation (Friends Forever)" by Vitamin C* This is it, you’re leaving Italy today with 10 new BFFs, a zillion new memories, and a few dollars poorer (it’s an “investment” - welcome to business school!).

Sam “Margherita Pizza and Margaritas” Kelly

Have you ever refused to play a game of “Never Have I Ever” for fear of being embarrassed about your debaucherous past? Don’t worry, because if Sam is playing she’ll make you look like the Pope. Fortunately, she’s as smart as she is cray cray – look out for her on Wall Street at the Goldest of Sachs this summer. Coming from a job in construction, it’s obviously a classic pivot. She’s been known to hide her dog in her bag during group meetings and curse in different languages when drunk. While these qualities may make you question her ability to lead you through Europe, don’t worry, we won’t put her in charge of anything too important. Maybe, like, our finances or something (pronounced fi-Naaaance).

Mitch “Spaghetti and Large Meatballs” Gormley

Want to hangout with Mitch on a Monday? Too bad, that’s when the Bachelor comes on so it ain’t happening. While many look at his background as a D1 athlete and former career in finance as leading indicators of bro-dom, you’ve actually just met the most basic betch outside of LA. He’s never been spotted not going to pilates classes and/or wearing the most athleisure outfit imaginable (Lulu and vests 97% of the time), and we have full faith he’ll be pushing this trend on the “high fashion” community of Milan. Mitch excels at disappearing from the group whilst clubbing, discovering exotic street meat in the wee hours of the morning, and literally never getting angry at anything or anyone. The most renowned statisticians estimate we’ll lose him somewhere around day 4 or 5. Currently, Vegas has 3:1 odds he joins the ranks of the gondolier in Venice before eloping with two Italian models.

Stef “Cooked the Last Supper” Rubinstein

They say behind every successful man, there is an even stronger woman. And so of course behind President Obama, there was Stef Rubinstein. No one quite knows what she did when she worked in the WH, but she has a couple pics with Barry O so it was probs pretty important. After working in a fulfilling role to help bring our country forward, she took a job of similar national importance at the New York Times… Cooking. At Ross, you’ll see her grabbing coffee with Soojin talking about all of the amazing things on her Ross application. Speaking of applications, her resume legit says she’s perfected the chocolate chip cookie. It’s unclear how she makes those chocolate chip cookies so damn delicious, but being Gen-Z might suggest there are Tide Pods involved. Honestly, we’re afraid she’s going to replace the Italian cooking class chef in Tuscany and never come back.

Julie “Collezione di Julie” Tiedrich

Ok, two truths and a lie: Julie loves sushi, is fluent in Mandarin, and Saks Fifth Avenue has a dedicated department for her in Accounts Receivable (<– Don’t worry, you’ll learn wtf this means during first term). The last one might not be true, but let’s just say this game probably becomes three truths by the end of the year. The marketing department at Ross is studying her checkout cart as part of a comprehensive research report on consumer trends and what you should wear to look fly AF. Don’t be fooled by appearances, though: in a recent interview, Migos acknowledged she was the inspiration behind “Bad and Boujee.” If all hell breaks loose on the trip, we won’t be surprised if she drops, drops, drops whoever is responsible. By the end of Day 2 in Milan, we expect Prada to announce this upcoming spring’s Collezione di Julie.

Liam “Statue of David” Kraft

Recently, the foremost authority on animal species confirmed they have found an unicorn. Its name? Liam Kraft. Hailing from Boston, he was born in a Ralph Lauren catalog and enjoys sailing, skiing, and probably horseback riding. Liam once had 14 interviews in one day across 6 different states. Legend has it he wore 15 different suits that day. He’s also done over 750 consulting cases during recruiting, meaning we might be dealing with more machine than unicorn. However, his creators probably forgot to program in a weather tolerance because you may see him walking around campus in shorts during sub-zero temps. We’re banking on Liam quickly winning over the people of Italy and securing a presidential bid in the first few days. That should help us with the free breakfast situation.

Alexander “Buying My Ferrari ASAP” Ukoh

If there’s one thing we know, Alex will refer to you or something you love as “trash” at least once during this trip. The king of dirty looks and fancy cars, Alex saved multiple lives on last year’s trek after chaos ensued on the cliffs of Mallorca (we’ll have ~~sToRy TiMe~~ later). For his heroic efforts, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and invited to the White House, but declined the invitation because the car sent to pick him up was “trash.” We totally would’ve done the same thing. In Italy, Alex will continue his quest to have gelato after every meal and take pictures in front of outrageous cars that are out of Bill Gates’s price range.

Ben “Don Benioni” Kounitz

It’s a bird? It’s a plane?! It’s definitely not Ben Kounitz! While Ben may be terrified of heights, he certainly isn’t afraid to bust a move on the dance floor. A unique species, Ben is known for his subtle but suave dance moves (lovingly dubbed “micro-movements”), his boisterous laugh, and his mastery of the kitchen (really just a weekly delivery of Blue Apron). These may be his only real talents, though, coming from a career in deceptio- I mean consulting. What is impressive is his choice to pivot to a career in bullshi- I mean banking. You’ll find him in tux presenting his finest bottle of Chianti; he has a palette so refined that he can taste notes of tree trunk and dandelion in a single sip. We expect he’ll slip away from the trip to pursue his true dreams of becoming a world-class Italian sommelier.