Party with the Gods: 2018 Tryouts

Trip Region: Europe
Country(ies): Portugal, Spain (Ibiza)
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $2990
Airfare Estimate: $1301
Nightlife: 10   •   Activity: 5

Congratulations, you’ve been admitted to ROSS, now it’s time to celebrate! This is your chance to party with the Gods – the Returning Champions from last year’s craziest MTREK and most fun SQUAD. This trip will be a sun filled vacation of beach hopping, boating, bikinis, booze cruising and partying, all ending with an EPIC surprise in Valencia (which will be revealed later). Get ready for the trip of a lifetime, to make forever-lasting friends and to become a GOD.

Disclaimer: Abandon hope, this is the beginning of the end. This is not a trek for the faint of heart or liver. This is an excursion of the tried and tested Party Gods – a titanly clash of red wine and pina coladas. Consider yourself warned, all culture you absorb will be fermented, blurry, and a hella good time.

Travel Day — Saturday, Aug 18

Better get some rest on the plane because the most epic trip of your life has begun!

Day 1 — Sunday, Aug 19

Congratulations, weary traveler. The beginning of the rest of your best life starts today in sunny Lisbon, Portugal. Kick off your shoes bloodied from the Net Impact Challenge and meet your destiny (and the rest of your fellow trekkers) for a Welcome Dinner, followed by a series of ice breakers (drinking) and team building activities (drinking) while sampling the local nightlife (drinking).

Day 2 — Monday, Aug 20

Start your day with a little bit of culture in one of the oldest capitals in the world on a city tour of Lisbon. This is the only wholesome (non-party) activity planned for the trip, so make sure you take photos to share with your family because it will start to get blurry from here. If you don’t get lost or abscond with international heartthrob Cristiano Ronaldo, prepare for another engaging evening with the group and heavy drinking.

Day 3 — Tuesday, Aug 21

Do you enjoy boats? Do you enjoy adult beverages whilst traversing the Iberian? Well, comrade, Day 3 is here to reaffirm why you chose the best MTREK. Hop aboard the S.S. Blackout for a few hours of private catamaran bliss, drinks and DJ included. Get Tanned, Chill, and enjoy Portugal’s best swimming spots. Caution: Bo Jones will also serenade you with his favorite lines from “I’m on a Boat.”

Day 4 — Wednesday, Aug 22

Freedom isn’t free. But today, YOU are to enjoy Lisbon as you see fit. Godspeed and good luck. In the evening we are off to an awesome wine tasting and group dinner, before we turn it up at night!

Day 5 — Thursday, Aug 23

Travel Day. Pack your bags, boys and girls, and fasten your seatbelts, because the pilot is expecting HEAVY TURBULENCE today. Just as you come to the realization you have the permanent shakes (get used to it), enter: Ibiza, the world’s craziest island. If the sun sets and you are still conscious, at night we hunt for the world’s best nightclubs and DJs.

Day 6 — Friday, Aug 24

ROUND 2. Lick your wounds and get ready to rinse and repeat! Today we are off for another day of boating and boozing. Take a scenic boat ferry out to the picturesque Formentera Island. Work on your tan and get Instagrammable pictures to send back to your parents and former friends to begin a vicious and toxic cycle of FOMO. Steve might have eaten his first full meal at this point, to show Avicii he was cool, and BO probably never made it home. OH well, Shipwreck via nightclubs to follow.

Day 7 — Saturday, Aug 25

“But when we finally got sober we felt 10 years older." Free day in Ibiza.

Day 8 — Sunday, Aug 26

Today is travel day. Next stop: Valencia! Enjoy and explore Spain’s third largest city. PS: has anyone seen Charlotte?

Day 9 — Monday, Aug 27

Do you miss being out on the open seas? Fear not, hero, for today is action packed with fun-filled Water Sports! Satisfy your need for speed on a jetski and work up an appetite for the Farewell Dinner. As it is your final day, prepare for an evening of fireworks – an all out bloodbath “grand finale” type of fireworks. Bed is for quitters and pain is temporary, so buckle up and get ready to conclude the best vacation of your life. Congratulations, you are now officially a GOD.

Departure Day — Tuesday, Aug 28

Remorse. Regret. Fear. Loathing. Delirium. Scrape together your tattered belongings and evacuate the premises. You have officially completed your MBA boot camp and made a bunch of best friends in the process. Apologize to your liver, and stay classy, Rossers. Travel back home with your new best friends.

Jenna “Goddess of Balsamic Wine, & Commander in Aperitif” Buckley

Jenna Buckley was born to lead: 9th grade class president, Captain for a State Championship soccer team, SEC standout athlete, and now – the beloved QUEEN bee of section 3 (buzz buzz) and M-TREK MOM extraordinaire. Adored by her constituents, Jenna is more regal than Crown Royale yet as relatable as a late-night shot of Fireball. Though affectionately referred to as “small back” by her inner circle, Jenna Barack OBuckley has continuously proven she is far from a “spineless” ruler, as there is NO red wine that has ever survived her Machiavellian takeover.  The first Head of State to use the Chambong ( ) for both Capital Punishment and Presidential Distinction for civilians, Jenna has captivated the livers and hearts of the free-world with her (Prosecco) bubbly personality, and passion for Making America Grape Again. A former “Most Spirited Senior” award winner at Westminster High, it’s hard not to fall in love with Madame President…but don’t expect a Royal Wedding anytime soon – Jenna is married to the job and relentless in her pursuit of the Red, White and Blue cheese pre-dinner platter.   

Robert “Bo-miscuous & God of the Booty Shake” Jones II

Challengers beware! In the right corner, wearing the country club branded shorts – well, he may not be a boxer, despite the sound of his name, but make NO mistake – Bo Jones is a bonafide heavyweight in our hearts, and with a bottle. The Raging Bull of bougie New Jersey, RJII is world renowned for his knockout (rum) punch, and his brilliant (“shake shake ya booty”) footwork. The only champion fighter ever to walk out to Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, Bo has wowed crowds across the globe with his brilliant defensive bob and weave (of responsibility) and his ability to spar/bar with anyone, at any time. Now retired to the serenity of Ann Arbor, this champ always goes the distance and is the Main Event of the party. With an infectious laugh and an alcohol endurance that can rival even the crowds of the Golden Days of Madison Square Garden, please welcome the Legendary BO JONESSSSS.

Steve “God of Pina Coladas” Oranges

Having set the Guiness Book of World Records for drinking the most Pina Coladas over Mtrek last year, he is a living embodiment of what it means to be “consistent and godly.” Steve, a resident tenant of Garage Bar, has spent the equivalent of his MBA tuition on vodka sodas and little tiny hamburgers. When he emerges from his GB lair it’s generally to attend Tauber (operations) classes, Taco Tuesdays, or Skeeps. You can often find Steve donning the latest in men’s fashion, which he will promptly begin to tell you about – just wait until you get a glimpse of the white canvas shoes on the sandy beaches of Ibiza. If you’re looking for a friend who speaks entirely in one liners, puns, and pick-up lines, have we got the guy for you. Ladies, he is single, and gentlemen, he is a world class wingman, sacrificing body and dignity for those he loves most. Cheers to you, Pina Steve.

Allison “Wolffer of Wall Street” Murphy

Allie “Murphdog Millionaire” is, and has always been, a woman of high class and even higher (booze) tolerance. Notorious for taking any bottle of Rosé to completion, it is rumored she is the inspiration of the “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street. From the posh suburbs of Dallas, to the oasis of the Hamptons, Allie has cornered the market on fermented grape commodities, and is a master in the art of the hard sell-tzer. As she begins her ascension into the elite ranks of investment bankers, trekkers and traders alike are in a frenzy to take part in her I.P.O. (Initial Portugal Offering), as it will no doubt pay dividends for the remainder of their careers. Like Jordan Belfort, Allie believes “there is no nobility in sobriety,” so if you want to keep pace with this blue chipper and be a WINNER, you better “Pick up the phone, and start dialin’ [it up].”

Ayo "God of No Name" Ayodele Press Release. Ann Arbor, Mi.

Ayo Ayodele, formerly a 5-star recruit and blessed with off-the-chart physical abilities, initially kept a small army of recruiters on the edge of their seat with no indication of where he’d end up for this year’s MTREK- but come Signing Day, the Associated Press’ frontrunner for Rookie of the Year has inked the dotted line for the returning National Champs, the former Party with the Gods M-Trek crew. “We are excited to finally unleash ‘The Fresh(man) Prince of Chi-City’ on our starting roster. Ayo is a premiere boozing talent with integrity and charisma to match.” Evaluators at the next level are already salivating over Ayo’s pro-ready 40 oz beer dash, and flip-cup shuttle speed. Expect the phew nom, with the least creative first name/surname combo in the Big10, to display remarkable patience as his bartender QB lines ‘em up at scrimmage, and to follow with elite power and agility as he takes down each defender (tequila & lime). One of the more balanced prospects in Wolverine history, “The sky is the limit for this West African juggernaut”, and the team looks forward to seeing him prove himself and grow during his first test on the Big Stage.

Charlotte “Goddess of the Proper TURN-UP” Ehrlich

In comes Charlotte, ageless beauty and elegant consultant from DC, here to collect and consume your [alcoholic] spirits. As the Goddess of “proper turn-up”, and with her interest for healthcare, Charlotte is the best equipped to calculate your drinking tolerance and push it to (over) the limit. This Valkyrian beauty is perhaps the epitome of the “looks can be deceiving” catchphrase. Despite her athletic body and “innocent” persona, make no mistake about it, this “Char-Attack” will drink you under the table and then steal your clothes (literally) simply because she can. Most likely to be the last one standing at the club, you will instantly become vulnerable to her shenanigans when caught in her (Smirnoff) icy grip en route to the abyss of the Fun-derworld. Between her killer smile and tasteful, chic, noir robes, you may feel safe…but know that your sober demise is imminent – “for in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except Char’s legendary turn-ups, and taxes.”

Andres “God of International Sweet-Talking” Sheppard

Meet Andres, resident MTREK DAD and purveyor of all fine Greenwich/Montauk things. Originally from Uruguay, but raised in Greenwich and NYC, Andres is blessed with a vast international tool-kit. He is fluent in 5 languages, able to “cheers” you in over 10 languages, and is equipped with romantic expressions in 12 more. He is well-versed in Whiskey but versatile in all alcohol. Andres is particularly excited to meet the incoming class of MBAs, as he may try to discuss Rugby with you or Finance and the most recent trends in the Equity markets. In the summer, this God resides in Montauk and can be found at all hours of the day mastering his drinking tolerance at Gurneys or Ruschmeyers. Look for him to also be a “Forza” at the beach clubs and night discos of the infamous Ibiza – and don’t plan on sleeping. From Bottomless pit of whiskey neats, to Flyhalf, to Conquistador, to Portfolio Manager, to GOD of International Sweet-Talking, Andres is your universal remote and the man with the plan. Salud!