Let’s Go Hard ‘n Bangkok

Trip Region: Southeast Asia
Country(ies): Thailand
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $2390
Airfare Estimate: $1400
Nightlife: 6   •   Activity: 5

All right ladies and gentlemen, this is it. Fasten your seatbelts, and hold on! This trip has everything a Rosser could want: Beautiful cities, beach parties, wild animals, and even wilder MTrek leaders. If you want to kick off your MBA experience with good food, chill vibes, and awesome people…look no further. This handcrafted, farm-to-table itinerary will start in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok to check out the culture. We’ll jet up to beautiful Chiang Mai where you can get your adventure on before ending the trip in Koh Phangan with a legendary full moon party on the beach. On a scale of 1 – 10 Instagrams, this trip is rated an 11.

Travel Day — Saturday, Aug 18

Say your last goodbyes to A2 and Skeeps and strap in for a long and exciting flight to the beautiful land of Thailand! Take advantage of those airport lounges and snoozes on the flight because as soon as y'all land, we're off! JK, it'll be late in the night when y'all land, so yall can sleep off the jet lag, but the next day we're actually off! Accomodations available on arrival in destination.

Day 1 — Sunday, Aug 19

Sa-wat dee! Welcome to Thailand! Welcome Meeting at hotel starts at 9 am local time - we must all be in country by this time. Wake up, shake-off the jet lag, and we'll have an ice-breaker with the group. Start thinking of those crazy talents, 2 truths and a lie, and fun facts. Today we'll explore the cultural core of Bangkok by visiting the Grand Palace, temple of The Emerald Buddha & Wat Po (Reclining Buddha). After the cultural immersion, the rest of the evening is y'alls to explore. This is your last night in Bangkok so make the most of it...Hangover: Ross Edition anyone?!

Day 2 — Monday, Aug 20

We're really kicking things into gear today. Today is a bit of a travel day, so hopefully you got enough rest last night, ate a hearty breakfast this morning, and packed some travel snacks for the road. We're visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ayutthaya. On this day trip, we'll see a range of temples, palaces, shrines, banyan tress, all rounded out with a 19-meter high Buddha image. After taking in all the sites on this day trip, we'll head straight for the airport and take a short flight to Chiang May, "Rose of the North", where the adventurous side of the trip begins.

Day 3 — Tuesday, Aug 21

What's the best way to explore a new city? If you answered visiting a bustling local market and going whitewater rafting, then this is the trip for you! On our second day in Chiang Mai, we will first visit the Warorot Market to get a glimpse of everyday life. We will then dive into adventure with a white water rafting trip on the Mae Taeng River, home to some of the best white water rafting in Asia.

Day 4 — Wednesday, Aug 22

After getting a taste of adventure yesterday, we take our travels to the sky with the "Flight of the Gibbons," a zip-lining experience of over 5km of zip-lining! After working up an appetite, we will go to a Thai cooking class, where we will learn about local cuisine and enjoy our delicious, home-cooked meal, all while taking in the beautiful scenery of Northern Thailand.

Day 5 — Thursday, Aug 23

Before we leave Chiang Mai, we will take some time to learn more about Buddhism and Northern Thai culture. We'll stop at two temples, Wat U-Mong and Wat Suan Dok, to meet local monks, discuss Buddhism, and learn some basic meditation (trust us, it will come in handy during recruiting season!)

Day 6 — Friday, Aug 24

Get ready for a wild day. We start off with a visit to the Elephant Sanctuary where you’ll get a chance to spend some quality time interacting with the elephants and learning more about these majestic animals while getting some quality Insta pics. After (hopefully) washing your hands and cleaning up a bit, you’ll get to enjoy a traditional khantohk dinner while watching tribal dances.

Day 7 — Saturday, Aug 25

Let’s hit the road and head over to Koh Phangan. After a wild Friday, we’ll be heading to the airport to make the journey to the beautiful island. You can relax and take in the sights, get some beachfront massages, and explore the fishing villages, waterfalls, and temples in the area. Note: Today will be a busy travel day.

Day 8 — Sunday, Aug 26

Today is spent exploring the pristine island of Koh Phangan – white stand, blue water, plenty of local attractions, and all with an umbrella drink in hand. But don’t go too hard because tonight is a truly unique Thailand experience – the Full Moon Party. In other words, let’s PARTY!

Day 9 — Monday, Aug 27

Lounge access anyone? Today is recovery day on the luxurious beaches of Koh Phangan. Sip on a fancy beach drink, go snorkeling, lay out on a boat – the day is yours!

Departure Day — Tuesday, Aug 28

We kick off our last day on the beach for a fantastic sunrise, before last minute souvenir shopping. Before our departure, know that you’ll have officially earned your MTrek stripes. Your trip comes to an end at Suvarnabumi Airport in Bangkok (BKK) after 4:00 pm local time.

Jeff “My Apartment Smells of Rich Mahogany” Eyler

Jeff is an aspiring sommelier and connoisseur of rooftop infinity pools. Every item on our itinerary had to pass the careful scrutiny of Jeff’s high quality standards. Outside of his love for the finer things in life, Jeff enjoys getting his Forrest Gump on and running marathons. Hailing from a cornfield in Maryland, this farmer turned bourgeoisie consultant spent four years at Deloitte probably doing “synergies” and “frameworks.” Now at Ross, he’s in Tauber and will be spending his summer at DowDupont operating on things. Don’t let the fancy exterior fool you, when Jeff hits vacation mode, he gets sloppy.

Niyanthi “RedreddySetGo” Reddy

Niyanthi has some type of recursive middle name that no one seems to understand. What we do understand is that she loves Texas to an annoying degree, is overly competitive at corn-hole despite her losses, and did we mention she loves Texas? Before coming to Ross, Niyanthi worked in “marketing” at FritoLay. She’ll be spending her summer becoming #bffs with Bezos at Amazon and probably talking about Texas. As CIO (Chief Itinerary Officer) of this trip, you can thank Jeff and Mithil for delegating the creation of our awesome itinerary to her.

Sarah “I Get Lower Than My Blood Sugar” Rubin

Sarah got lost one day on the way home from one of her MPH classes and just decided to join us at Ross for two more years. Sarah is an enigma of being the nicest Rosser you’ll meet and bullying you into inviting her to your GroupMe chats. She originally hails from Texas but you’d never know because she doesn’t talk about it all the time (see: Niyanthi). Before arriving for her MPH at Michigan, she spent 4 years putting the care in Obamacare working in healthcare policy in D.C. She will be spending her summer at United Healthcare doing doctor stuff??? Watch out when she arrives in Thailand though, things are bound to get weird.

Mithil “The Glue That Binds the Team” Munshi

Much like actual glue, Mithil has a knack for slowing everything down and getting in the way. As assistant (to the) MTrek team leader, he’s hoping to get a promotion by delegating all of his responsibilities to the other three leaders. Originally from California, he is continually amazed by the frozen water falling from the sky and disappointed he needs to wear more than t-shirts. Before Ross, he was an engineer at Mercedes-Benz but got tired of doing actual work so he decided to become a consultant instead. He’ll be spending his summer pretending to be an adult interning at Bain in Washington D.C. Once described as “not likable as a person,” Mithil is working on his people skills so that he will be a tolerable trek leader.

Sarah “Intern in Peace” McDonald

Sarah is the long lost trek leader who decided to pick her fancy schmancy Microsoft internship over this. She’s essentially dead to us. RIP.