MYSTERY 3.0: Return of the RaGeRS

Trip Region: MYSTERY
Country(ies): MYSTERY
Partners Trek? No
Cost: $2035
Airfare Estimate: $1900
Structure: 2   •   Lodging: 3   •   Nightlife: 4   •   Activity: 1

In 2013, the groundbreaking first ever MYSTERY MTrek took place. MYSTERY 2.0 was last year’s sequel and the training ground where this year’s leaders (with one beautiful exception) had a one-of-a-kind vacation and became friends for life. That was the most anticipated, most talked about, most requested, most ridiculous, most ragey MTrek yet. We are promising you more fun, more rage, more party boats, and even more Bear Fights. Simply turn your life over to us for ten days, bring a great attitude and a wardrobe full of outrageous clothes, and we will do the rest. You will get some history, some physical activity, some scenery, some sights, and most of all, you will get one hell of a vacation. Are you as intrigued by a good MYSTERY as we were? You should be.

Day 1 — Wednesday, Aug 26

Shhhhh.... don't tell anyone, but we are getting started one day early with a pre-trip BBQ where you will meet your fearless leaders. MYSTERY 2.0 started the same way, and since we don't remember it, we thought we'd try it again. Smirnoff ICEbreakers and s'mores for all!

Day 2 — Thursday, Aug 27

Finish packing those bags and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Meet at Ross by 3pm and we’ll all head off ... somewhere! Get ready to travel for between four and forty hours as we embark on the journey of a lifetime

Day 3 — Friday, Aug 28

By now we will be settling into wherever we are going. And you'll be happy to know that this city has some of the best WIFI coverage in all of the world, so ample time to post some selfies on Insta while Moe is checking in on the local Tinder scene. Some obligatory sightseeing is next on the list of things to do, but don't worry, frequent stops for refreshments are a must.

Day 4 — Saturday, Aug 29

Wake up wondering where exactly we are again and whether or not they sell Advil. The leaders will ensure you get to see all this beautiful place has to offer, and will also be making inroads with local bartenders that will certainly pay dividends tonight, our final night in wherever it is we happen to be. Oh did we mention that this region is home to wild bears? Tonight, we will fight them.

Day 5 — Sunday, Aug 30

Rise and shine trekkers, make the most of the breakfast buffet because we’re on the to next one. We’ll have a few hours to see some sites or grab drinks to take the edge off those hangovers. Then we’re hopping on the MYSTERY express to our next destination. Arrive to our next location in time for a night of traditional food and music, before turning in early. Psych! Let's RAGE!

Day 6 — Monday, Aug 31

We’re not moving hotels but we are moving the party. Our second destination is obviously amazing, but we love our trekkers so much we had to throw in something special for you guys. You are traveling with five of the most cultured and well-traveled people you will ever meet and this location that we are arriving to has each and everyone of us pumped. We are talking fist pumping in the Winter Garden pumped ya dig. In MYSTERY tradition, bust out those NEON v-necks trekkers. And don't forget the ancient proverb... the deeper the v, the more rage there will be.

Day 7 — Tuesday, Sep 01

Back at our rage home base, all aboard the S.S. MYSTERY for a boat cruise on the beautiful waters located adjacent to our current location. Imani Davis will be our makeshift Cruise Director, and will be providing fun for all. Watch out for games of survivor flip cup for the adults, science experiments on whether beer cans float for the kids, and a steady dose of EDM music and Jay-Z’s greatest hits for passengers of all ages. Save some energy for a group dinner, and a night at this town's hottest nightclub where we will finally bust our our industrial-sized container of glow sticks and dance the night away under the stars, leaving the club just in time to...

Day 8 — Wednesday, Sep 02

...catch our flight! Wheels up trekkers, this mystery tour is hitting the road again and we are taking you to one epic destination. Oh, by the way, you go to Michigan now so let's see your most ridiculous maize and blue outfits today. You can think of it as practice for The BUS, and your leaders will make sure you measure up to BUS-approved

Day 9 — Thursday, Sep 03

Another day in paradise! What you don't feel like waking up? Fear not, we’re going to give our livers a rest this morning and get in touch with nature. Don’t worry we’ll be back at it later, because tonight we make history. We're not quite sure what we mean by that, but trust us, it will be epic. You guys have insurance right?

Day 10 — Friday, Sep 04

Today we whisk you away yet again. Sadly the end is near but you will be happy to know that we’ve saved the best for last. More sun, more water and more boats. Oh yea that’s right, more boats trekkers, more boats.

Day 11 — Saturday, Sep 05

We’re going to reward ourselves on a job well done with some rest and relaxation. Then it’s time to get cleaned up for a fancy dinner out on the town where we will toast ourselves for planning so many nights you won't remember and a trip you certainly won't forget. But enough about us, time to award you with superlative awards. Most likely to lose his/her dignity at Rick's? All of you just like all of us. Bust out the glow sticks for one last night at the club, but make sure to get your cab fares from us in advance because once we walk into that club, we are officially off duty and you are officially ready to RUN ROSS.

Day 12 — Sunday, Sep 06

Please don't miss your flight! After 11 days of out raging most of the world, we will head back to Ann Arbor, with 15 of your now closest friends. Get those MYSTERY chants and bro tanks ready to show to your classmates you are officially a MYSTERY 3.0 inductee. #IMPRESSIVE