Edward Fjord-y-hands

Trip Region: Western Europe
Country(ies): Norway & Sweden
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $2610
Airfare Estimate: $1300
Nightlife: 3   •   Activity: 3

There is “NOR-way” you could find a better way to celebrate the beginning of the two best years of your life than by venturing to Scandinavia to hike on the incredible blue ice flows of glaciers, kayak through UNESCO World Heritage site fjords, and mountain bike through fjord valleys. You could even “Swee-den” the deal by partying in the globally recognized cosmopolitan city of Stockholm! All of your trek leaders couldn’t have imagined a better way to kick off their Ross MBA lives than MTrek, and want to pass this love and passion along to you. From Christie’s motherly instincts and love of bourbon, to Casey’s deep connection to Taylor Swift, to Michael’s ability to see over and through crowds and love of all things Big Ten, to Maniesh’s Michigan roots and mastery of EDM beats, to Celia’s love of all food and craft beers, we know that our combined skills and passions will guarantee a trek through Scandinavia that will be one of the best trips of your life.

Day 1 — Saturday, Mar 28

Now that Orientation and Impact Challenge are behind you, the celebration begins! Meet your fellow trekkers, and future Viking comrades, in Ann Arbor and head to the airport to catch flights to the beautiful and tall (people and scenery) of Scandinavia.

Day 2 — Sunday, Mar 29

Land in Bergen, Norway, where your trek leaders will be ready to initiate you as official Ross MBAs. We will all hop over to the Bergen Central train station and catch a train through the fjord region to Voss. Once we arrive, we'll settle into our hotel, overlooking the Vangsvatnet Lake, and toast (some/many) drinks to the beginning of our Nordic escapade!

Day 3 — Monday, Mar 30

Yesterday you were only a new MBA. Today you will learn how to traverse the glacial lands of Scandinavia like your Viking ancestors. Our guide will meet us in the morning at our hotel and accompany us on a bus ride to Jondal, where we will embark for a hike on the impressive Folgefonna Glacier. Our guide will lead us over a mix of calm, flat ice and scenic crevasse areas. At the peak of our trip over incredible (GO) BLUE ice flows, we will have vistas over the North Sea and the greater fjord region, and you will be entertained with tales of past Nordic adventures and stories about the region. After the hike we will return to our base in Voss to recharge with an evening meal and a bit of MAIZE RAGE!

Day 4 — Tuesday, Mar 31

After charging up on a breakfast smorgasboard, our guide will be waiting for us at the train station to join us for a full day of fjordyhands exploration via train, mountain bike, kayak, and jet boat. The journey begins by boarding a train through the Raundal Valley to Myrdal, and then to the Flåm Railway, the steepest train goinggg an-yyyy-where (in Northern Europe)! Once we step off the train in Berekvam, mountain bikes will be waiting for us for a downhill (yes, downhill only) trip on the Flamsdalvegen to picturesque Flåm, with amazing views of Aurlandsfjord all the way down. Once we arrive in Flåm, we will head to the renowned Aegir Brewery for a tour, beer tasting and quick lunch. After becoming local beer connoisseurs, a kayak guide will kit us up and take us on a sea-kayak tour in the amazing Aurlandsfjord, passing beneath towering mountain-sides and witness the nature and landscape of this magical place. You will paddle back to where you started, and then transfer to a fast jet boat James Bond style on a fjord safari through World Heritage areas of Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. We return again to Voss to enjoy the night and teach our local friends how to sing "The Victors".

Day 5 — Wednesday, Apr 01

Today we will explore all that Voss, Norway's adventure capital, has to offer. We will immerse ourselves in local Viking culture by exploring some ancient local architecture and then the lighter side of Voss at the Minigolfen Pub & Cafe for some mini golf and karaoke competitions (loser takes Fireball shots). We will finish the day barhopping in Voss and spreading Michigan cheer throughout the land on our last night in Voss.

Day 6 — Thursday, Apr 02

We depart Voss this morning via train back through the fjord region to Bergen. Before our flight to Stockholm, we will have a few hours to explore the colorful Bergen, the "gateway to the fjords". We'll catch an evening flight to Stockholm, and upon arriving in Stockholm in the late evening, dive into the Swedish ice bar scene.

Day 7 — Friday, Apr 03

Explore Stockholm, the "Venice of the North", via a guided bike tour and using our city cards to freely travel the city and its amazing network of 14 islands. Our day will continue deep into the night as we island/bar hop loving the cosmopolitan nightlife.

Day 8 — Saturday, Apr 04

Savor the memories on our last day in Scandinavia. Become a Swedish Chef...bork, bork, bork! We'll be getting a private cooking class leading up to stacks on stacks on stacks of rhubarb consummé with licorice semifreddo and wine. Oh you fancy huh?! Then reminisce on the best week of your life before forgetting it all on our last night out. Eat Sleep Ross Repeat.

Day 9 — Sunday, Apr 05

Time to fly home to "Ann Arbaugh," home of the Wolverines and Saturday khakis. Follow in the footsteps of your leaders at The Big House, Bus, Skeeps, Rick's, NYPD, and Ashley's with your new family for a fantastic two years.

Michael "Shmando" Anda

Caution: Michael will demand adequate surface area on the dance floor. Never fear, his 6’4 frame will also act as your homing device during football games in a sea of maize and blue. While Michael is technically “from Connecticut”, he’s spent his college (and 2nd college) years in the Midwest. He’s a connoisseur of all things Big Ten and is an expert at navigating university dive bars. Unfortunately, Ann Arbor’s resident dive bar Skeeps (Scorekeepers) is in a league of its own and Michael has the claim to fame of being the only non-undergrad to get kicked out for creating a beer waterfall down the stairs. Be nice to Michael – he is super generous and will be treating you to meals and drinks on your own dime.

Crhristie "Minion" Crum

You may aspire to bleed maize and blue, but Christie will always bleed black and gold. A Pittsburgh native, she’s a die hard Steelers fan with a strange need to put french fries on everything. Christie is a recovering consultant, but is currently exploring her non-profit pipe dream of inspiring the youth of the nation. Don’t be alarmed if Christie starts to use noises in place of words – that’s just the bourbon talking. In Norway, Christie will be taking care of all of us with her motherly instincts when what we like to tell ourselves are “good” ideas are actually very bad.

Casey "Sly Fly" Simchik

Casey crushes all things school and logistics by day, and by night she is always on the prowl for Fireball shots and 90’s music videos. She is our resident enabler and Taylor Swift spirit guide. Originally from New Hampshire, she most definitely had the polo collection of champions complete with a D3 squash racquet. She left these gems behind to move to San Francisco to start something baller, however, we still aren’t entirely sure what Casey did before B school….we know it had something to do with being sustainable and “good.” Casey followed her older brother to Ross, but has paved her own way to the dance floor of the Ross Bus. Casey will not only try to get you to rage, but she will then persuade you to indulge in her selective gluten “tolerance”. In Norway, Casey will be our captain of athletics, games, dance parties and all things sly and fly.

Maniesh "Manieshigan" Joshi

Don’t be fooled by the shrek face in photos, this guy is nimble on the dance floor and loves all things rage as long as there is an opportunity to apply a temporary dragon tattoo. When he sends out a panicked GroupMe about leaving his laptop at Dominick’s, just tell him to stop being responsible, turn on some EDM, and try to stand up without falling over. Born and raised in (the South) / Detroit, he took a midnight trip to Rick’s American Cafe….just ask Maniesh to dance and you will see some pop and lock. If you need a cozy shoulder to sleep on during the flight, pick a seat next to Maniesh!

Celia "GoBrew!" Boren

Are you hoping your decision to attend Ross will be an experience in all things Michigan, including drinking a lot of local craft beer? Well, just call Celia and she will brew you the finest. Prior to her debut at Ross, Celia was spotted perfecting the game of beer die in Maine, raising chickens in San Francisco, and starting a food business in Rwanda. Whether you are searching for the happiest dancer on the Skeeps stage or the smiley Rosser offering to cook a 4-course locally grown nutritious meal, Celia’s your girl. If you’re lucky, she might channel her inner Anna Kendrick and treat you to some traditional Norwegian yodelling – acca-scuse me. Celia’s infectious enthusiasm for all things outdoorsy will keep you going through the fjords and across the glaciers with the promise of arriving at the brewpub.