No Spain No Gain

Trip Region: Western Europe
Country(ies): Spain
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $2480
Airfare Estimate: $1000
Nightlife: 8   •   Activity: 5

We’ve all heard it before – No Spain. No Gain. What are you gaining, you might ask? The opportunity to treat yourself in the beautiful and vibrant land of Southern Spain while making best friends along the way. Come explore the best of Andalucia with the best of Ross for a truly amazing experience. From flamenco dancing and nightlife in Seville, to winery tours and tapas in Cordoba, to cooking classes and beachin’ in Malaga – we’ll do it all, and we’d love to share it with you.


This glam-casual trek has a bit of everything: forays into the great outdoors with hikes and swimming, local culture and cuisine, boats (of course), even more nightlife and a bit of history so you have something respectable to tell your grandparents. Oh and wine. You may have been to Europe before, but not like this — with a diverse group of MBA2 leaders who are ready, willing, and eager to show you the time of your lives. We hope you’re ready to take some time off from real life to explore, relax, and live it up in this phenomenal region of the world.

Travel Day — Friday, Aug 16

Ready, set, go! You are free to depart from Ann Arbor after orientation activities are over around 5pm.

Day 1 — Saturday, Aug 17

Congrats on surviving your first week of business school - hopefully you made it through all that Ross had to throw at you! Unless you’d like to hear about one more person’s recruiting plan, we’ll shift focus away from all things serious and kick back. Tonight we’ll tackle that pesky jet lag and celebrate new friends with a welcome dinner in Seville, the heart of Andalucia.

Day 2 — Sunday, Aug 18

Welcome to Seville! The city is intensely vibrant and steeped in both ancient and modern history. We’ll take a culture tour to kick off the day and view some of Seville’s dramatic monuments – the Giralda tower, the Catedral, and the Alcázar. Then we’re off to visit a winery (if you so choose) and eat some delicious tapas to fill us up for the night ahead. Quick nap time then Nick will lead us on the quest to understand the true meaning of "early morning life" as we explore the late night party scene in Seville.

Day 3 — Monday, Aug 19

Next stop - Cordoba! We’ll travel roughly for an hour and a half by private coach (the perfect chance to catch up on some sleep - or play the ‘ice breaker games’ that Rachel will try to instigate) to one of the oldest cities in Spain. Once in town, we’ll take a guided bike tour through the beautiful city and stop for some insta-worthy pics. This evening, we’ll meet up for a group dinner before we embark on a pub crawl and enjoy some casual Mtrek bonding.

Day 4 — Tuesday, Aug 20

Before we get too carried away with boats and beaches, we’ll squeeze in our last bit of ‘cultural awareness training’ as we head to Granada for a day and night. We’ll take a guided tour of the city, checking out the stunning Alhambra Palace and Palacio del Generalife (where Mason will probably quote random facts from his architecture courses - you have been warned...). Then we’re heading to a winery to sniff, swirl, evaluate, and chug those incredible wines for which Spain is known.

Day 5 — Wednesday, Aug 21

Goodbye Granada, hello beach (insert sunglasses emoji here). Time to brush up on your Spanish during the private coach ride to Malaga and/or day dream of all the incredible cerveza, vino, bailando, and tapas that’s about to happen. Once in Malaga (home of Pablo Picasso), we’ll have some free time to wander before our evening’s festivities. For dinner we’re making our own meals - yep - an authentic Spanish cooking class where we’ll craft Gazpacho and Paella (Ming’s culinary spirit animal)! If we’re not in a food coma, we’ll dip our toes in the ridiculous nightlife of Malaga’s discothèque scene (and bear witness to Rachel’s dance moves).

Day 6 — Thursday, Aug 22

Today we’ll take some time to get to know the city (and your new Mtrek friends) on a more ‘personal level’. We’ll have a flexible schedule so we can hit all those sites/bars/restaurants/shows that you’ve been dreaming of. Your MBA2 leaders will throw in a few surprises to help prepare you for the ‘ambiguity’ challenges you’ll face in b-school...we’re so thoughtful.

Day 7 — Friday, Aug 23

Finally, a free day. We’ve earned it. You’ll have the chance to explore the city, go shopping, or just indulge in some much needed beach time alongside Manasa and Ming (and honestly probably all your MBA2 leaders). The world is your oyster on this free day, so use your time wisely (or not…) - just make sure to save up some energy for tonight, when we meet up to discover the best salsa and flamenco clubs in town.

Day 8 — Saturday, Aug 24

There’s something you need to know about your MBA2 leaders: we love boats. A lot. Today we’re on a big ‘ole (optional) private boat which will take us down the coast for some booze cruising and cliff jumping in the sweet sunshine. Along Malaga’s incredibly beautiful coast we’ll hunt for the unspoken, but very real, best MTrek Instagram. Tonight is our last night in Malaga, so we’re going all out - no sleeping tonight, kids.

Day 9 — Sunday, Aug 25

After saying adiós to Malaga and our new Spanish friends, we’ll hop on a private coach one last time for the final leg of our trip back to Seville. We’ll stop at the gorgeous mountaintop city of Ronda for a tour and cliffside lunch, and where Nick’s subtle vanity will blossom as he ventures to find the best Insta light for his selfies. This is our last night together (crying face emoji), so we’ll do an unforgettable 3-course meal and fiery flamenco show, before we turn up for one last night in España.

Departure Day — Monday, Aug 26

Today we’ll head to the airport and say hasta luego to Spain and the new friends (and perhaps lovers) we’ve made over the trip. Remember, what happens on MTrek, stays on MTrek. On the plane ride back to Michigan, let’s braid each other’s hair and plan our first pre-Skeeps reunion.

Manasa Adeni

Hailing from trendy Austin and sunny L.A., Manasa moved all the way to the center of stardom, Ann Arbor, to ‘chase the new fetch’, an MBA. Lover of the Queen B and all things shiplap, she’s a former Instagram star followed by the likes of Chrissy Teigen, invented the term ‘glam casual’, and claims to be the ‘greatest Mtrek leader of our generation’. Prior to roughing it with the rest of us, Manasa was working in sales at Spotify, the dream company of nearly every tech minded MBA1. Our trip is hot off the heels of her marketing and brand management internship, you should ask her about it. She’ll be the one sipping Mai Tais by the beach and soaking in the sun.

Nickname: TBD (She promises to tell us the juicy ones after a few drinks)

First Concert: The Killers

Drink of Choice: Red Red Wine

Nick Curran

Nick comes from New York and will claim he is from the deepest, hippest parts of Brooklyn that you’ve never heard of but his real roots are from New York suburbia (think Applebee’s sirloin, not Peter Luger’s porterhouse). Nick will steal your girl.  But only for some good conversation and then will have her right back to you because, though he’s got dashing good looks with eyes begging to be lost in, he’s a solid guy as any. He’s coming from the holy-grail of MBA tech positions: the coveted product manager role.  Why does he want to leave it?  Dude loves the environment. And that’s cool AF.  He came to Ross to get into project development for sustainable energy.  Ask him about it…and don’t litter in front of him. Or at all, actually. He’ll be the one hiking and doing the outdoorsy stuff on our trip.

Nickname: Nico

First Concert: Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2004

Drink of Choice: Negroni

Rachel Skolnick

Here’s the bottom line: Rachel is the chillest girl at Ross (sorry Manasa). When she’s not starting fires or flipping cars after a big Eagles win, you can probably find this Philly native hosting an elaborate wine & cheese party rivaling any spread you’ve seen in Bon Appétit mag. Before Ross, this Lehigh alum and marketing wizard created campaigns that made her clients rich AF.  This summer Rachel will be taking her talents to Honest Tea, but secretly, this serial entrepreneur is quietly spinning up her next empire. If you’re looking for some sage advice, a partner to drink too much wine with, or the co-founder to your next startup, Rachel is your go-to-girl.

Nickname: All the Rach

First Concert: Backstreet Boys

Drink of Choice: Sangria

Mason Mularoni

Like any good midwestern boy, Mason hails from Ohio. Mason, Ohio to be exact. He tells girls in Ann Arbor that his hometown was named after him, but that pick up line doesn’t work outside of Cincinnati. Luckily, his meme game keeps his credibility high on campus. Mason was personally invited to apply to Ross after meeting Soojin at a Warby Parker, where he convinced her that she too could pull off his signature clear frames. Mason left the real estate world to become a tech consultant this summer, and plans to develop a framework for evaluating which restaurants in Spain serve the best tapas.

Nickname: ‘Mull it over’ Mularoni

First Concert: Rascal Flatts

Drink of Choice: Manhattan

Ming Yau

Ming is not just another good little mid-western boy (see: Mason Mularoni). Even though Ming moved to Ann Arbor from Ohio, he’s got the bougie lifestyle and spending habits of a Silicon Valley native, so he’ll fit right in when he joins the tech rat race this summer. Don’t let his RBF fool you, Soojin’s nephew is an old-soul with a sensitive side, complete with a vinyl collection and mad cooking skills. If you’re lucky, some day he’ll tell you the tales of romances long ago and currently happening. Ming’s past life in private equity is a far cry from the wine and paint nights he pursues on the weekends at Ross, but he’s also not ashamed to indulge in the occasional post-bar Cottage Inn delivery. In Spain, Ming’s “training and development” skills will be put to use when he teaches us the complex footwork of flamenco and how to tell the difference between various high-class Spanish wines.

Nickname: Martini Ming

First Concert: Some indie band that you probably haven’t heard of

Drink of Choice: Dirty Martini with blue cheese olives