Party in Hvar-ty

Trip Region: Europe
Country(ies): Croatia
Partners Trek? No
Cost: $2175
Airfare Estimate: $1200
Structure:   •   Lodging:   •   Nightlife: 4   •   Activity: 2

Do you love stunning beaches and beautiful weather? Delicious truffle pasta and fresh seafood? Absolutely sending it on the dance floor? Are you looking to live out your Below Deck fantasies on a private boat tour of the Mediterranean? Well look no further – Croatia is your girl.

Get ready for the best ever pregame to your Ross experience with a week in the most idyllic enclave of the Adriatic! We’ve planned an itinerary full of beaches, boats, and booze to live out your Below Deck dreams in Croatia! Sound like your dream come true? Ours too. See you in August–Dovidenja!

Day-by-day details can be found at the following link:

Day 1 — Saturday, Aug 20

Day-by-day details can be found at the following link:

Kelsey Hewett

Hometown: Amherst, NH
Undergrad: University of Virginia
Pre-MBA life:Software Engineering
Post-MBA plans: Tech+Impact

Why should you join my trek?Because what’s more fun than spending a week in one of the most beautiful places on Earth?? Also it wouldn’t hurt to soak up some sun and sand before these Michigan winters hit

Tess Levin

Hometown: Chicago
Undergrad: Northwestern University
Pre-MBA life:Elementary School Teacher
Post-MBA plans: Consulting

Why should you join my trek?Croatia’s the right trek for you if you want the perfect mix of vibey beach club and boat party days, amazing food + drinks, bopping around night clubs, and a bit of beautiful nature to keep us down to earth!!

Harry Pearson

Hometown: New York City
Undergrad: Franklin & Marshall College
Pre-MBA life: Healthcare – Finance and Operations
Post-MBA plans: Healthcare Investment Banking

Why should you join my trek? I’m a late-night-eats connoisseur

Max Stayman

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Undergrad: Duke University
Pre-MBA life:Healthcare Consulting
Post-MBA plans: Healthcare strategy

Why should you join my trek?We’re going to have so much fun!

Tyler VauDell

Hometown: San Francisco
Undergrad: Boston College
Pre-MBA life:Consulting
Post-MBA plans: Healthcare

Why should you join my trek?Because it’s going to be electric