Pour Some Porto on Me!

Trip Region: Western Europe
Country(ies): Portugal
Partners Trek? No
Trip Cost: $2036
Airfare Estimate: $1200
Nightlife: 4   •   Activity: 1

Take it from us. The hardest thing about business school is making choices. And we know you’re finding that out first hand as you look through all these amazing treks. We did this last year; we know how hard it is! But ask yourself this: do you want to lounge on beaches and party at Europe’s hottest clubs till sunrise? Do you want to trek through historic locales and tour a world famous winery? Do you want to be on a private cruise blasting T-Pain’s “I’m on a Boat!” with your new best friends? Well, future leaders of the world, we’ve got you covered! Come join 4 of the most awesome trek leaders for a 10 day tour of everything Europe’s hottest vacation destination has to offer. You’ll sample some of the most dank cuisine, sip the finest wines in the land, rave at the hottest clubs in Europe, and cruise around a castle before heading to the beach to work on that tan. And don’t worry. We didn’t forget the boat cruise. We will be on a boat with our flippy floppies. So make like Def Leppard and Pour Some Porto on Me because the Portugal trek is going to be hot, sticky, sweet!

Day 1 — Thursday, Aug 27

Depart America in the evening for Lisbon, Portugal!!!

Day 2 — Friday, Aug 28

Make sure to get that beauty sleep on the flight over because we are going to hit the ground running! Well, maybe walking... through Old Lisboa. We'll then head to our first of many dank dinners together. Tonight's menu: a complete tapas meal! Make sure to carb up for your first night of Ross raging cause we'll be hitting the bars hard!

Day 3 — Saturday, Aug 29

We begin our morning with a tour of Belem - a part of Lisbon dedicated to the Exploreres. We'll then head to the Sao Jorge Castle and Alfama/Chiado neighborhoods, so prepare to be cultured! Early afternoon, we're hitting the beach till the sun goes down! We'll wrap up the day with another group dinner, after which we'll partake in Lisbon's finest bar crawl to close out the night.

Day 4 — Sunday, Aug 30

From Lisbon, we move on to our next destination: Porto! But we couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit a castle fort along the way, so we're stopping off in a town called Obidos to get some sweet photo opps. From Obidos, we will make our way to Porto where we'll jump start our stay with a quick walking tour around the city and end up... well, you guessed it! Drinking port in a port cellar! Finally, we'll be cruisin' in-style on a beautiful river boat and end our night out on the town.

Day 5 — Monday, Aug 31

ROAD TRIP! We're headed to the Douro Valley for a full day of winery tours (bonus points to anyone who can drink more glasses of wine than Hammerly!). Get ready to mix culture and raging! You'll have full access to wine samples, beautiful sights, and everlasting memories. But don't worry, we'll be back in Porto in time for dinner and drinks.

Day 6 — Tuesday, Sep 01

Get ready to sweat out your hangover because this morning we'll be catching some more breathtaking sights on a guided bike tour (bonus points to anyone who can beat Jeremy in a race!). After lunch, we'll roam free and explore the greater Porto area… and by greater Porto area, we mean the beach. We'll soak up those rays till it's time for... you know.

Day 7 — Wednesday, Sep 02

In the morning, we'll head to the airport for a quick flight to our next destination: Lagos! We'll start off our stay right with a relaxing paddle-boarding session (bonus points to anyone who can outlast Mathangi's unwavering balance!). After another group dinner, we're gonna hit the local bars hard. Because tomorrow, we get to sleep in!

Day 8 — Thursday, Sep 03

Enjoy your leisurely morning because this afternoon might just be the highlight of the trip: the RAGE catamaran! As a wise man named T-Pain once said, "I'm on a boat!" We'll be living large at sea, throwing back adult beverages, listening to awesome tunes, taking in the views, taking in the rays, and raging our pants off (bonus points to anyone who can drink more rum punch than Jimmy College!). Probability of keeping the party going all night long? RAGINGLY HIGH.

Day 9 — Friday, Sep 04

After last night's rage-fest, today calls for a free day in Lagos. You'll have the option of lounging by the pool, lounging at the beach, lounging while drinking… basically lounging. But be sure to get your lounge on because after another group dinner, we'll all proceed to the local Lagos bar crawl extravaganza.

Day 10 — Saturday, Sep 05

All aboard the bus from Lagos back to Lisbon. We'll have some free time in the afternoon after we arrive, so last chance to buy your souvenirs! Tonight will be our farewell group dinner before we all hit the town for one last hurrah!

Day 11 — Sunday, Sep 06

Say good-bye to Portugal for now. We'll hop on a morning transfer to the airport and fly back to America to begin the best two years of your life!

Emily "Hammerly" Drescher

This rageaholic had major Rick’s withdrawal after graduating Michigan undergrad, so she left the great city of Chicago for one last victory lap at Ross. When she’s not throwing back shots of fireball with the bros, she’s hard at work learning all about supply chains in the Tauber Institute. This Mystery 2.0 MTrek veteran showed Cyprus just how hard she rages by holding down the pool party till 8am – just in time to make it back to the hotel for the breakfast buffet (which she obviously crushed). If you’re not ready to rage with Hammerly in Portugal, then perhaps a Smirnoff Ice is more your speed…

Mathangi "Mtang" Radhakrishnan

This 27 year old paintball playing, tea obbessvie Rosser is ready to take you on a magical tour of Portugal. Escaping from the clutches of the crazy Floridians in 2005, Mtang has spent the last decade wandering between Boston and Chicago. After a stint in high frequency trading (#FlashBoys 😉 ) she is ready to enter the world of consulting. So prepare yourself for the best MTrek ever, and dont worry, if you get into any trouble, you shall be rescuded ninja style from this krav maga streetfighter!

Jeremy "The Buzz" Hartwell

This guy earned himself the nickname “The Buzz” after maintaining a solid buzz from dusk til dawn on his Belize MTrek. Yea, this dude can flat out drank. His reputation at Ross proceeded him after word spread of him breaking a local Belizian beer chugging record by drinking 5 beers out of a frisbee in 34.5 seconds. After 7 years of working the 9-5 life in Arizona, The Buzz decided to trade in his motorcycle for one last go of living the dream in college. Whether raging at the BUS, dancing at Ricks, networking his butt off at Ross or swiping right on Tinder, this guy goes hard in the paint and is ready to lead you through the best 10 days or your life.

James “Jimmy College” Kirwan

If there’s one thing that Jimmy loves more than anything, it’s college- that’s why he tries to relive his undergrad glory days 24/7. This guy loves telling war stories about how he started a fraternity in college (Old School anyone?), or about growing up in the mean streets of Manhattan. When Jimmy isn’t planning epic tailgates as co-president of The BUS, he can be found owning the dance floor at Ricks, organizing the campus-wide beer pong tournament, spring breaking in Mexico, or wearing his Santa suit to literally every costume party of the year. While Jimmy isn’t opposed to having some culture on this trip, don’t be surprised if he sneaks a flask of Fireball into the castle tour because his #1 goal is to make sure the party doesn’t stop the whole trip. Just don’t let Jimmy drive any buses on the trip- he is proudly the only Rosser to never get a driver’s license. (no joke).