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What are the travel dates for the MTreks?

2019 MTreks will take place between August 16 and August 26. Individual trips may vary slightly in the departure and return dates.

When and how do I register for MTrek?

Registration for MTrek opens on April 9 and closes on May 17. To register, you will need to 1) complete a survey with your top trek preferences, 2) submit a $400 deposit.

When will the list of 2019 Treks be released?

The list of treks was released during GBR in April 2019. 

What if I need to join a trek a few days late or leave a few days early?

That is not a problem, but please note that while the trek costs include any travel during the trek (but not to/from Detroit), if you join late or leave early it will be your responsibility to handle travel to meet your group or get back to the airport at your own separate expense. With the exception of the mystery treks, you are responsible for booking your own airfare and travelling to and from the destination, so you will be able to control your travel dates. Do not choose mystery trek if you need to join late or leave early, as we will not reveal the mystery trek destinations.

We suggest you review the trek itinerary to see what activities you will miss and where you will need to travel to/from. Please note that if you choose to leave early, you will still be responsible for paying the entire trek cost; we work with an external outfitter to build group itineraries and we cannot prorate hotel stays and individual activities.

What if I am admitted in round 3 or from the waitlist?

If you are a Round 3 admit and waitlist, and the registration has closed, please reach out to us directly at mtrekboard@umich.edu. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible for admitted students, and we will do our best to secure a space for you on a trek.

What if I wanted to stay longer or arrive earlier?

Since orientation runs right up until the start of treks, and there is programming back on campus on August 27, you will be unable to extend your stay in any country beyond August 26.


How many people are on each trek?

MTrek can have as few as 6 and as many as 15 MBA1 participants, in addition to 4 to7 MBA2 trek leaders. There are typically a total of 12-18 total participants for each of the treks, inclusive of MBA1s and MBA2s. 

Do I need to have experience with trek activities?

Treks are designed so that all participants have fun while building bonds with other MBA1s and MBA2s. Experience is recommended for a few treks (backcountry camping, scuba diving, etc.) due to their pace and challenging nature, but is not strictly required. Check out the individual trek descriptions for more information.

I don’t have a lot of international travel experience under my belt. Will I feel out of place on an MTrek?

Many trekkers have limited international travel experience. MTrek gives you the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and experience a completely new culture, while also making a bunch of new friends. Given your personal experiences, be sure to review the trek itineraries carefully, email the trek leaders with any questions, and research the MTrek countries you’re ranking so that you feel confident in your ability to have a blast on the trek you get placed on!

What if I don’t like some of the activities on a particular trek?

That’s understandable and the reason why we offer a variety of treks. In order to maximize your experience, we suggest you select a trek with the right type of activities and activity rating for you. In some cases, alternatives to certain trek activities may exist. If you have any questions about specific activities or alternatives, please do not hesitate to email the trek leaders before selecting a trek.

What is a MYSTERY trek?

It wouldn’t be a mystery if we told you! The only way to know is to go. And even then, it may still remain a mystery. Only the brave of heart and swift of foot need apply.

What is a partner trek?

The partner treks offer the opportunity for Rossers and their partners to go on an MTrek together. All partner trek participants will be couples and are the only treks for which partners are allowed.

What do the ratings mean on each trek?

Each trip is rated by its leaders on a 1-10 scale for nightlife and physical activity as follows:


  • 1: Dry Trip, no activities around drinking
  • 5: Moderate drinking activities (i.e. a few nights out, or a few glasses of wine most days)
  • 10: Tons of drinking activities (i.e. booze cruise, wine tour, brewery tours, etc.)


  • 1: Focus on leisure activities (beaches, arts, etc.)
  • 5: A few moderately physical activities (e.g. hiking for 2-3 days)
  • 10: Daily biking, hiking, rafting, rock climbing, etc.


I am unbelievably excited about the list of treks! What’s next and how does the registration work?

When registration opens on April 9th, you can rank your top preferences for treks as well as complete the deposit. In late May, you will receive your trek assignment and will be required to pay the balance of the trek fees in order to hold your spot.

Am I guaranteed the trek choices I select on my application? How are the treks filled?

Every effort will be made to assign each participant to one of his or her top-ranked choices, but we can not guarantee you a spot on a particular trek. We do not begin our matching process until registration closes, so there is no advantage to early registration.

I met some very awesome people also going to Ross and we’d like to MTrek together. Is that possible?

We’d like to make the trek-matching process as fair and equitable as possible. If you’ve already made some friends, we encourage your group to rank your desired treks similarly. But the point of MTrek is to meet and bond with new people, so either way, you’re going to come away with great new friends!


I’m so excited for my Mtrek, I can’t wait to start packing. What do I need to bring?

Great to hear! Your trek leaders will send you a trek-specific packing list about a month prior to departure. Should your trek require any specialized equipment (camping supplies, etc.), you’ll have ample time to purchase it. If you are on a mystery trek, the leaders may or may not provide a useful packing list.

How do I go about making airline flight arrangements after I have been placed on a trek?

Soon after being placed on your MTrek, your trek leader will contact you about when and where you should arrive at your trek destination. It is your responsibility to make your own flight arrangements, and you will be responsible for any additional travel expenses incurred for extended stay before or after your trek dates.

What if I want to stay longer or arrive earlier?

Since Ross Orientation is right before the start of MTrek and classes start shortly after MTrek ends, it is unlikely that you will be able to spend extra time in your specified location.


What are the terms of the deposit? Is it possible for my trek to be canceled and, if so, will I be reimbursed?

Your required deposit is refundable at any date prior to the date online registration closes. After this date, deposits will not be refunded for any reason including, but not limited to, your decision to attend a different school, conflicting vacation plans, etc. Though rare, sometimes treks are cancelled. On the unfortunate and off-chance that the trip to which you are assigned does not depart (for reasons beyond our control, such as not enough participants, political instability, inclement weather, etc.) every effort will be made to place you on another trek you selected. Otherwise, your deposit will be refunded. If you rank a partners trek, you must pay two deposits regardless of how many partner treks you rank.

What do the prices of the treks include?

Stated trek prices include costs for all lodging, activities, and most meals. With the exception of the Mystery trek, prices do not include airfare to and from the trek destination, since some may want to use frequent flier miles. Airfare estimates from Detroit (DTW) are provided to give you a basic idea of flight costs.

Trek prices also do not include insurance costs, spending money, souvenirs, alcohol, or other incidentals. After you have been placed on a trek, your trek leaders will be in contact with you about estimates for additional spending money. There could potentially be some variance in the estimated and actual costs, as they are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Of course, we try to minimize additional cost burdens as much as possible — we understand the financial constraints of being a student!

Can I use my frequent flier miles and hotel points to subsidize my travel costs?

Airline miles can definitely be redeemed for your flights (with the exception of the Mystery Trek). If you choose to do this and the majority of your fellow trekkers and leaders are taking a different flight, be sure to inform your trek leader. Using hotel points is discouraged, as group accommodations have already been included in the cost of your trek and we cannot adjust costs for individual trekkers. Also for safety reasons, it is strongly preferred that you stay with your group.

Are the partner trek prices per person?

Yes, both the price and airfare estimates on partners treks are per-person. These prices are based on private lodging for each couple.

Visa and Passport

What type of passport/visa do I need to travel on an MTrek?

Everyone traveling internationally should have a valid passport. Some countries may also require a visa. Your trek leaders will inform you if this is a requirement and will provide related cost estimates, but it will be your responsibility to procure and pay for the visa. Before ranking your trips, make sure that you are able to visit the country(ies) associated with the trek by checking the visa and passport requirements ahead of time.

I am an international student. Can I go on an international MTrek?

Yes! International students with an F-1 or J-1 visa can go on an international MTrek, as long as you have the necessary visa(s) required to visit the countries on your trek of interest. Please check with your home country’s state department or embassy for requirements. It is very important to note that neither MTrek nor Ross can assist students with the visa application process. Obtaining a visa is strictly a trekker responsibility.


Are the treks safe? What process is used to ensure safety?

MTrek has an impeccable safety record and operates under a “safety first at all times” philosophy. A student committee and administration from Ross review each trek’s planned activities to ensure this philosophy is upheld. Also, trek leaders have received first-aid and other safety training and have emergency preparedness procedures in place for each trek. It is important to note that a trek may be cancelled at any point up until the immediate departure date due to various safety-related concerns (weather, political issues, etc.), regardless of location. This is to ensure your safety. While we have taken measures to maximize participant safety, it is still your responsibility to ensure that you are comfortable with the activities listed for each trek. Some treks are more physically demanding than others; be sure you select treks that will not jeopardize your health.

Do I need to have health and travel insurance for my trek?

All MTrek participants need to be covered under an active travel medical insurance plan at the time of the trek. We cannot make exceptions to this requirement. This information, including a waiver, will be required of all trek participants in order to complete the online registration. Please keep in mind that most domestic health insurance policies do not include international travel, so trekkers are responsible for obtaining their own short-term international health insurance policies. MTrek recommends several trip insurance companies for your convenience. However, please note that MTrek will not cover the additional costs you incur.

Do I need to get immunizations before my MTrek?

Once selected for your trek, your leaders will inform you of any required immunizations you may need prior to travel. It will be your responsibility to get immunized. MTrek or Ross will not reimburse the additional health care expenses you may incur.

School and Orientation

Does MTrek prevent me from participating in any orientation activities or summer preparation classes?

All orientation activities take place prior to the start of MTrek, so you should not have any conflicts. All MTreks are required to be back before any academic programming. 

Ann Arbor is such a cool town – I’d love to get settled in prior to heading off on my a MTrek.

Good thinking. From firsthand experience, it is highly advisable that you move to your new home – A2 – and get as settled in as possible before you leave for your trek. This is because most treks arrive back in Ann Arbor with only a few days before classes start. After having such an awesome time on your MTrek with your new friends, do you really want to have to spend your last summer days lifting boxes and moving furniture?